I am Zakiya

Loud, funny, lover not a fighter

But I fight for what I love

No matter what the situation is

I come from a place where looking good from your hair to your clothes matter more

Than getting that paper that holds your future

Where getting pregnant as a teen isn’t so bad anymore

You have all this technology that’s eating your knowledge and make you want to stay on the internet social media

Ignorance is at its finest in my generation sadly

Girls take half naked pictures for BOYS attention

Oh you’re failing school you got detention?

Maybe you should’ve listened to your parents when they said high school isn’t a joke it’s not a fashion show

Do something for yourself join a sport be a cheerleader, play basketball, volleyball, track, tennis you get my meaning don’t be ignorant like your peers do something that’s going to benefit you and show that you’re better than that and what people think of you.  They nicknamed us the Murda because a lot of people get hurt out here 9/10 because of a wannabe gang member.

Get me out of here the people our ignorant, there’s gang members everywhere, I just want to get my diploma and leave and get out of here alive! 

if i could change anything it would be for my generation to understand the meaning of EDUCATION how important it is to graduate and get your Diploma. 

it does matter in life it can make you or break you my generation CLUELESS and its sad.




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