Down the Rabbit Hole

I don’t want to lie and keep up this


Saying everyone is beautiful and

We are all just great

Because in reality we’re not.

You say you want passion

I don’t think you rationed

How this could turn out

But I’ll take a shot

And you can all deal with what I’ve got.


I want to live in a world where I’m

Free to be me

And don’t have to hide or


To be someone I’m not or

Keep my mouth shut,

Because I’ll be

Thrown to the Jabberwocky for

Making the mistake of thinking I can be me, and

I’m free to say that I want to live in

A world where I don’t have to hear about a god

I don’t believe in, in every class by people

Who say I’ll be punished by the queen of hearts with no heart for

Having no faith

And to that I say:

When you prove he exists

It will be my dying wish to scream

“Off with your heads!” for turning

This world to shit.


Why can’t we just live in a time where

Humans aren’t plagues

Sucking the life out of every living thing

On the face of the Earth, and

Religion doesn’t exist because

All you do is persist

In trying to get me to believe.

Why won’t you just leave

Me alone

And drink a potion of death?

I can guarantee I won’t miss you and

Your shit.


I need a world where it’s ok to look for a

Rabbit running late or

A cat with no face,

Only a large row of teeth gleaming beneath

A branch above a tea party hosted by a

Mad hatter.


I want to believe it’s safe to conceive

In sun glinting off fairies’ wings

While they dance through the meadow where

Unicorns sleep and

The borogroves may be mimsy as can be

Without worry of being discovered by

Bandersnatches who will deplete them.


No one will accept

The concept of

A world made by science

Filled by the supernatural and unnatural,

But unlike you I’m not trying to make

People buy it,

Just to take a step back, relax, and

Ditch the magnifying glass.

Not everything can be explained and

It’s not all what it seems to be.


This world is killing me.

It won’t let me be free

To be me and do and say what I please

Because I don’t fit in the mold.

I don’t think my sanity will hold

For much longer

So I’ll send you a postcard from

Down the rabbit hole.






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