Just Between You and Me


There are the seekers and the do-ers.
The speakers and the choose-ers.
And who I am I’m not so sure I know anymore.
But for topics sake let’s say that I too am a seeker.
Searching for the answers that not just the books but the people also hold inside their heads.
The unexplainable parts of the mind that don’t make sense or even hint at logic.
My brain jumps from point A to point F as quickly as point A even came about.
This means, that not only am I a seeker of information, but a jumper.
Hopping from one conclusion to the next, no matter the sequential order in which they came to me.
And let’s also say, that it was during this thought jumping that I stumbled on an issue that didn’t sit too well with me.
Why is it wrong to think differently?
If I could change a single thing it would be to change the act of thinking.
Seeing eye to eye has never been my specialty,
But never have I seen it as wrong to disagree.
So here’s a letter to you mister politician,
Whoever you may be:
Let them think!
Let us all believe what we want to believe and through this simple act,
We will believe in ourselves.
Believe that we can thrive with those who seem so much different then we individually.
And if I could change a single thing, it would be to alter the thought that we are not invincible.
Because to me,
I hold in my hand the world.
And so should you and he and she.
And this is Just a simple thought,
Between you and me.


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