Sat, 04/12/2014 - 00:58 -- jdaehan

Loyalty is a fickle beast inside all,

seemingly temperamental and ever-shifting.

In reality, however, it has a core

where irrevocable loyalty lies.


For some, that is their country.

For others, that is their god.

For a few, it is an earthly cause.

For many, it is their family.

There are many who would say

that this is desireable, "right" even.

They do not understand, though,

the consequences of their words.

In one short sentence, one sweep,

they have justified uncounted atrocities.


The Holocaust was carried out by patriots.

9/11 was executed by devout believers.

Gulags were run by devotees.

Rapes go unreported due to familial bonds.


Though the above crimes are not at all equal,

they are but a few of the things that our

divided loyalties have wrought of our species.

In our subconscious reaction to this truth,

we create the "justification" of superiority.

Obviously, it's our nation and our god,

our cause and our family, and nothing else.

Everyone else is wrong.

This just spurs more atrocities, because

in our eyes, we are infallible, they are sub-human.


So, if I were to change one thing, just

one thing in this broken world we call Earth,

I would change all our loyalties,

to the common advancement of man, together as one.


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