Lies Underneath Sad Truths


Arlington Texas
United States

You would rather settle for less?

Another night on the screen answers yes

You couldnt keep from wondering eyes

Your mouth was filled with lies

What was your thought about me?

am i something that comes so easily ?

Flipping through the pages of pornography

Do you see me in the crook of your mind as the girl you can fastforward and rewind?

You couldnt keep your eyes on the prize

as our love and marriage slowly dies

with the sick second your living for

behind the closed door


Lies Underneath Sad Truths

The lapses in her mind

the men speaking words so kind

better than her daddy ever did

What can she do but take the highest bid?

The silhouette of seduction is what she wears

only a mask to cover her fears

Reality plunges in her breast

as he unzips her dress

What did she do to deserve this?


Lies Underneath Sad Truths

The memories he cannot forget, he knows he'll regret

to relive the erotic satisfaction

to fulfill his peverted attraction

as molested children are left crying

to fuel what he is buying


Lies Underneath Sad Truths

That if we close our eyes and look the other way

It enables another day

as they are bound to the sex trade



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