Lays Something Sharp


Nothing is ever out of place

Hair is piled neatly on her head, Clothes is fitted immaculately on her body

Her smile is wide, showing a nice row of pearly teeth

Her eyes full of laughter on the outside

Everyone looks at her in envy. A beautiful and intelligent young women walks the street with her head held high.

Her eyes never wander farther than she can see

Her eyes never glaze down at the concrete. Confidence bubbling over


One step at a time into her home

"Where were you"

"who were you with"

"your lieing"

"you nasty whore"

"you are a worthless whore"

"Are you going to cry, you are aren't you"

"your such a child"

"you are the biggest disgrace to ever marked this earth"

Accusations, Insults thrown at her. Each one hit harder than the other.

Drops of tear begging to fall, adding more fire to the flame.

A dark shadow befalls the girl

The pins that held up her hair let loose a wild black mass

She hazardly changes into sweats. A shirt 2 size big, and a pair of pants that wears her

A benevolent personality turns into a ugly monster

Takes away her beauty, her intelligence her Confidence.


She wipes the tears and begin to start a battle.

Her Innocence , Nativity stolen years before her time. Words beyond her years starts poring out her mouth. Tears starts raining down her face.

Her heart breaks into millions of piece. A headache starts to form.

"who the f*** do you think you are"

"All your friends are whores"

" I have no friends"

"you think anyone cares for you"

"You are nothing without me"

"I made you, I brought you into this earth"

There is no winning. She lets her head fall.

Its to much. The feeling of self loathing. Self hatred befalls her.

Everything enclosed around her.


Dark thoughts sneak there way into her mind

I can never win

I can never win

I don't want this

I need to escape

Where will I go

Who will be my savior.

I need to save myself

I glimpse left, a glimpse right.

A look back, a look forward.


She enters her room. She rushes to her room. Slams her door. The duty remarks follows her.

They paste themselves onto her skin. They glued themselves into her head.

Leave get out. Yet  silently they urge her on.  

Lifts her mattress and under her bed lays something sharp


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