She and I

We are all made out of ruin

Every broken branch

But She and I, we stand and we grow

And these knots in our bodies are just          monuments 

to how we've overcome the lightening

and the burning

and the rot to come together

So long as our leaves still grow

our branches will be connected

surging our heartwood back to pulsing life

Pulling us to stand and reach for that kind blue sky

Making us reach and live and stretch for our dreams

Together we stand

Two species of the same genus

Yet our heart-woods beat as one

Nothing will tear our roots apart

We will reach until our branches melt into the sky

and our roots breach the truthful eart

Our roots entwined and our love infectious

We'll let it spread and spread and we will stand,

together always, and watch for that understanding Spring

to spring

For our love to bloom and blossom for all to see

Let us stand together

and well be the strongest ever

Standing strong we'll shake this earth

Frown and judge us

for our scars

for our genders

But we're stronger forever

Our stories in our leavesand our heart-woods beating together

We only have the love we've surrendered 


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