The Scarlett That Once Left The Skin








Is how Depression can be discribed.


The steel metal was cool on warm skin once upon a time

As the sharp metal sliced skin

As the scarlet shown

It ran down forearms

The air caused unbareable stinging

Hands slapped the exposed wound

The searing pain caused tears

Tears pricked within eyelids

They raced one another down cheeks





Was once a way of life

But not anymore


Wounds heal

Scars fade

Sadness drifts away

Self-love slips in

If you let it.

Optimisim can be gained

Love can be felt

Warmth can be harnessed

Dreams can be dreamed

Dreams can become reality

Depression does not have to be a way of life


Depression is an epidemic

An epidemic in our society

The Scarlett is Shown 

It is shown when no one is around

The sadness is hidden behind masks

Masks one plasters on one's face each morning

A mask that shouldn't belong

A mask that should be thrown away

Because one's true face is their true beauty


A Change that needs to be made

A Change that we long for

Is the elimination of all depression

Elimination of self-hatred

Which should be replaced 

Replaced with self-love

Embrace it

Harness it

Live it


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