Change is not small, not invisible, not at all

If I could change the world I would


I am so small

so invisible


But don’t you see

there is change everyday

lead by normal people

who once thought too

I am so small

so invisible


They stand up and move mountains

like the force of a thousand winds

like a flood of rain after a drought

one drop

who says to the other

I am so small

so invisible


Change can happen quick

or maybe not at all

but like I said if I could change something

i would change the way we treat each other

to make sure we didn’t have to worry,


or discriminate


I am not so small

so invisible


and neither are you my friend

so stand with me


grace the stage

I am NOT so small

NOT invisible at all


and we shall scream it

to all their ears

the bullies

the evil

it will run and hide

it will cry out

I am so small

so invisible


Worthless, most of all


Fight for a change

Do not worry, you are not alone

there are many that often think

I am so small

so invisible

Don’t wait until tomorrow

the day is now

to rise with courage

and help others see that:


I am NOT small

not invisible

not at all.




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