Our wonder of this world has waned since old

Nowadays, wishes are hard to come by.

Our time is spent on other, harsher things

Only in our fairy tales do they lie.


The trickster Genies, and their clever ways

Often make us wish our wish was not.

So the chance to change our world

Is a chance that is not often got.


We may feel like gods, looking through the eyes

Of one who has the power to make the world in their design.


So much could be done!

You could undo World War One!

Or banish diseases!

Turn storms into soft breezes!


But for me, something else reigns supreme.

That I am greedy and selfish you may say.

For I have a wish that I would make

Any year, any month, any day.

With the extreme power that I would wield,

I would make my mother’s illness go away.

It has for such time hindered her

From her family, friends, fun and play.


A syndrome of chronic fatigue

Struck her when I was but a lad.

For my brother, coming later into this world

There was even less of a mother to be had.


So to change this, if it were possible, would be what I would do.

For my care for my mother lies deep in me and true.


To be able to see her do fun things,

And she liked to do many things,

Would be what I would change, if I could.


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