They brainwash you,

Into thinking this stuff will be of use someday,

They mold you into the perfect person they wished to be,

In their eyes follow these rules and you’ll be accepted.

Acceptance is such an odd word,

Especially in a society where we all are different,

All 300 billion of us,

Yes you and you and you.


They replace your creativity for structure,

Leaving you formatted to do the thinkable,

The habitual,

The unoriginal

In this day in age originality is no longer of essence,

For all you really need is acceptance.


They turn your optimism into realism,

Your dreams will vanish,

You can only become what they allow.

But doesn’t have to end like this,

Be indifferent to others

Show your true colors,

You’re an enigma,


Forget about them

For they will forget about you,

They can’t solve you,

They don’t have the answers

They are wrong! They are wrong!

Because are just teachers

Waiting to be taught

By you.

~Matthew Waldman


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