Slugs to Birds

When a drive was all that was needed for a man to fly to the moon. Back when our four fathers used elbow grease and backbone to get the job done. As a third grader,  I sat alone in my desk the only one being reconciled to do my work. Not for a single parent that is sitting at home who works two jobs with fifty-two hours a week under her belt, just to let her little girl have everything she wants. But for the unseen need to be great. Greatness is not achieved by sitting by watching the birds fly, but by learning how to break out of the nest. Sitting in eigth grade watching the daily fights and drama spilling out of the mouths of every middle school. But that's just what middle school is right? Just then when there's a gleam of hope hard work and determination takes a little girl in a ghetto middle school to where doctor's and lawyer's take their kids. Where people take perserverence and time in thier studies. Then senior year as surrounding peer pressure gets even tougher, this girl is now a woman not by the constant at home struggles of trying to help take care of two brothers but by the pure determination to get by and a maturity that is not achieved by sitting down and watching the birds fly. It is by learning how to break out of the nest and soar, that is Greatness.


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