My Daughter

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 23:51 -- spanos

What would I change if I could, you ask?
The way the world sees me through each daily task
The judging bright eyes, so quick to put me down
The colors of each and everyone's skin; white, black or brown
I would change the hierarchy of rich and of poor
The sore, crushing feeling I felt when you walked out the door
Sickness and disease would be tales of the past
Only happiness would forever last
The cold dark weather that creeps each year
Homeless people huddled for warmth in fear
The thought that when I am old, my loves will die
The deep depression that numbs your mind
I have no power and I have no way
Changing the world would never make you stay
I wish I was special, enough for the world not to ache
All of these thoughts, my life is what they take
I feel it everyday, the weight of this heart
Changing nothing can only be YOUR fault


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