What Do I Want?


Growing up all I knew was poverty. 

"Put that back!"

"We cannot afford that." 

I come from a life where education was a scapgoat. 

I come from hand-me-downs, and cheap shoes. 

I come from a place where your lights weren't always on. 

I come from a place where eduation, was your way out. 

School was like a dream world to me. 

You're promised knowledge, and success. 

You learn history, and how people made history. 

I learned it was about me, and how I conducted myself.

I learned if I want it bad enough there is nothing stopping me. 

I learned that it is easy to loose focus, but hard to gain that focus back. 

I've lived by a quote that has brought me up when I felt like giving up,

"God helps those who help themselves."

I've learned that studying isn't just for a test, it's for life. 

It determines who you are, and your work ethics.

I want to become a grade school teacher.

I want to stimulate the young minds.

I want the children of the next generation to recive the knowledge I have.

I want the children to realize that you're never too young to learn. 

I want to help those who feel they can't, and tell them you can.

I want to be able to share this dream around the world. 

I want to teach others what I have been taught. 

I want there to be change. 




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