What would i change?

They ask me what would i change? But i think the question should be , what wouldnt i change? Because the answer is there is not one thing that i cant name that this world doesnt need to change.

I would change the heartache of the world..

The people who live there lives with struggling, fighting and strife. Trying to make it work without anywhere to work.

The girls like me, that always have to look twice or thirty times in the mirror because they are less than perfect and perfect is the bar there trying to reach because they think that the girls they see on t.v and the magazines are what they think people want. And the reality is , its out of reach.

I would change the sin, wash it all away. Then pray to god a million times more, for a brighter day.

For in this world, kids dont have time to play.

Dads and moms dont have the time of day, to sit and enjoy the time they have with their family. Instead they wave it away

Where teenage girls and boys are having sex without a cause, then leaving each other like who can i screw next? Where they constantly diss on people for there flaws, like they know everything and have it all.

Where saints act like sinners and sinners as saints. But then again what could you see under the mask that they hide their face.

Where people re forced to do and be what others say... yeah i pray to god a million times more for a brighter day.


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