There is always a beginning to change

Wed, 02/05/2014 - 20:23 -- Yaretzi


What to change

What can I change

Where do I start

with this pain


The inner world

Falling through

What’s left of the floor

Being swallowed in too deep


Afraid to take on the world



What to change

What can I change

How Do I change this world I fear so


Take a stand they say

Yelling in my ear every day

Pride envelopes me


What to change

What can I change

The right question is

What do I need to change


One step forward into the street

I can taste the night

I look with my eyes

Into the inner world I see

What use to be

And what not to be


What to change

What can I change

In the end

You can not change

The whole inner world


Except take that pride




The Beginning Middle

There is no end

The only change

That can change the world

Its always going to start with yourself

Me, You and I

The end.


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