I'll Explain It All To The Watchman's Son

Sit & wait, I will wait for the right voice

For the spirit to come upon me, choice

has no shape or texture, look at me now

as I raise my hands, doubt is crumbling down

I have spent time lashing out, thoughts that roll

So I hit my low, and I paid my toll

Like a tree, I was cut down by grace

As you reached down and manifest your face

When all has been said and all has been done

I'll expain it all to the watchman's son

If you believe in me, I will believe

The Ghosts of my past have left to relieve

A flicker of a long life, opened pride

I will hold the promise that never died

Just promise me that the Heavenly hound

Which I heard the footsteps stomp the cold ground

Will close my ears and my eyes to my sin 

That I might not build my tower so thin

I will love the one I hold with my heart

who loved me from the beginning, from the start

When all has been said and all has been done

I'll Expain it all to the watchman's Son

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