Dear 13 Year Old Me

Dear 13 year old me,

With a rounder body and face

A size 13 waste

A lover of sweets and bread

 Yet you hate how you look

And you say it in your head

            "Those skinny girls have it all"

But you still smile, because you arent that worried

Its only a momentary thought

It flits in and out of your mind

Fast as sparrow, always gone soon, always hurried


Dear 13 year old me,

Me heart wishes it could be you again

A me less worried about staying skinny

Food will become painful

You will hate your body, and be ashamed

Ashamed of nothing but your self

For no reason, and you will struggle

A fight to be in love with your self once more

To overcome the lies that you whispered to yourself at night

          "I'm Fat, too Fat, Why am I so Fat?"


Dear 13 year old me,

Skinny girls do not have it all

People who love themselves have it all.

 If I could warn you from this excruciating path in life

I would.... If you could only know how happy you are

How much YOU have it all

I wish I could save us, I wish I could re-do it

Save our heart the sorrow of finding itself again.


Dear 13 year old me,

You are beautiful, You are happy,

And you have it all



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