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What is my story, you ask? Not one that can be covered by a mask. It involves venturing into the dark ocean Looking towards a better future with devotion.
My blood bristles. The fever is crisp like wine, through my veins. The pressure illuminates my remains I stir with tenacity. I sense your lustful presence My blood pressure rises, then falls−
Every wish isn't right or wrong.
Don't fight me cause I'm noone.I'm the face u see when u look n the mirror.I'm the light that shines to the darkness but yet im noone.I'm something to someone but noone to myself.I'm
  I am a raging fire, Flames spit and hiss They are destructive, They are passionate, They are Me. I am a tranquil ocean,
Timid is new to me, You bring your presence near and I tremble from nervousness. I am strong and outspoken yet I blush when you come close. Who are you? Tell me where you are. You are everywhere and I am not
With no filter, I am me. Me is I, and I is she. She is me, and I love me. Me is amazing at listening to others. She loves to borrow clothes that are my mother’s.
Funny funny funny, I am funny Creative Creative Creative I am Creative I am me who loves and loves I am me who loves to be loved Caring for a person's heart is what's normal
Take off the filters and remove the blindfold, Enter this world as you are, Not as you are told- That you should be. Because that is not you, It is not her, it is not him, it is not me.  
It hurt,  it hurt looking at him. The betrayal within his arms, his arms embracing another female.  Eyes wide open,  as she lays upon the memories,
I've always hated the saying it will be okay because it almost never is.... i tell people that im okay im fine its all in my mind but the truth is thats all just an act....
To be or not to be that is the question  that I now face.  As I stare into  the eyes of my, oppressor? No? Possibly. I suppose it all  depends. Depends on how  I view 
This handsome Blind man says Only me in my world Only I can see my world U can't c my world Only I can c my world Only I could heed my thought
Kim Kardashian. Taylor Swift’s new guy. Magazines and Social Media  flow in like the tide,
There's this girl I know She's perfect in every way She will help me up when I'm down and listen to what I say   This girl I know of, has beauty beyond compare
We are who we are. We are not the likes we get on insstagram. We cannot measure our beauty by the retweets our pictures get on twitter. We are stong and beautiful.
Become bri
Some say I'm like a diary; difficut to read.  Try to understand me its not oh so easy. Some say I am confusing, It so amusing. I am hated by people Shhhh I know the secrects.
Define [Caroline]: I define myself. Who I am, who I want to be, what I believe in, what I  like, what I do, who I  love, how I act. I. am. dynamic.
My hair is matted, as if swept by a tornado in the night, My sleepy eyes squint through the bright morning sun,
The hours, the preparation, the blood, sweat and tears All for that one moment Recognition.   As the audience claps and cheers at the performance pure Ecstasy consumes me.
I am a liar and I lie to myself everyday Wake up every morning, telling myself that it’s just another day But I already know what kind of day it is I’ll be just like every yesterday that I hated
Without the filters, I am me. With the filters, I am me. The substance in my mind, Beneath my skin, Running through my veins, Pumping into my heart, Is me.
Have you ever been stuck with nothing to say? And though there’s plenty to say, you just can’t say it? Who’s going to listen? I am screaming from the inside, hoping someone hears me,
Have you ever been stuck with nothing to say? And though there’s plenty to say, you just can’t say it? Who’s going to listen? I am screaming from the inside, hoping someone hears me,
I break my bones and scar my skin, persistently flowing with red rivers, flowing into oceans of pain.
  who am i? what defines me? is it the amount of likes i get? the exposure of my breasts? the filters i select? does the camera do a good job of capturing my IQ?
Without a filter... You’ll find a girl who can be insecure about herself and the way others view her; You’ll probably see her hanging out with her friends though; She’s often timid around unfamiliar faces,
  When I rewind the tapes that hold my memories...
I'm a disappointment A failed try who deserves every ounce of blame, always pushing my anger forward as I hold back my shame Why talk about dreams I'll never achieve,
In the mirror, I stare at my opposite twin who stares back at me. She is beautiful, yet worn; she is mysterious, yet ordinary. And there is no way of talking to her
I live in the ingnorance of others Hide behind a shattered mask Not one place I could run to No one I could ask   I put on the perfect stance I say I am made of steel
I am a book that everyone seems to understand. 
I saved you a box of towelettes, in case it was hard for you to see the REAL ME.
My parched mind searches far and wide,
1. Wear you skin like armor. The glow of your forefathers shines brighter than any bleach-drenched word that tries to erase the “La Illaha Illallah” from your DNA.
Friends are those who claim to have your back
I hide where everyone can see But the harsh lights blind them And I would hope I do too. Glittering. Who is she? I hide at center stage Where the words that couldn’t Wouldn’t
This is it. The final score Never has it been this hard before Racquet in my quivering hand Do not go into no man’s land Everything has led to this
I want to be seen.
The lies the world tells of us, The lies we tell ourselves, The lies we paint on our faces, The lies that dictate who we become.   A world that watches every angle,
Brain-submerged, I travel on my toes until I'm drowned in wanderlust, until the river tied a noose around my life, putting it on pause, shorting out the wires that prevent me
I travel the whole world
Dull and slightly blurry, due to a normal quality camera;
The unknown strikes no fear within me The power found only in You flows through my spirit, Like blood in veins   Abba, gaze upon me Abba, You are light Illuminating the darkest crevices of my path
What will it take for you to see The side of me I want to be? Must I walk and talk and dress Just like all the rest?   Can I show you who I am? Who I'm meant to be? Is this all a scam
I am a girl with space tucked under the flaps of her skin. I grasp at the loose tendrils, in shades of forest and thunder, attempting to hold the drifting vapor close to my luminescent heart.  
"I think I'll call you star" he said  My star earrings jingled As  a slight smile appears at the thought of being a star A fiery balll of light  Shining bright  Watching over everyones dreams  
Photography is the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface. 
Click, click, and click The moment has been captured in time forever My face, my body All for the world to see What’s behind the exterior they do not know
Lost in a forest of expectations
Sharpen your jawline with a piece of sandpaper. Try not to break the skin; grime will settle into your blood and spread like poison, and you're here to fix you, not the opposite.
Big eyes,
reaching into the depths of love stained pages and pulling out the most familiar character is my way of reinforcing my sense of self   
My cousin is 10 years old skin and bones and she thinks she’s fat. Isn’t there something wrong with that?   From the moment we enter this world we are force fed images of what “true beauty”
Inside out, right side in, Don't let the outside win. Take off the mask; leave out the filter. Your flaws are unique, as if made by a quilter. Birthmarks, acne, and scars; all make us who we are.
Behind the lights and cameras, Behind the edits and makeup,  I am unique. Hidden behind the photoshop Is a girl who just wants to be heard.  Who wants to be noticed,  To be cared for,
The river crossed the dirt stream Water filled the veins of the soul It took a deep breath A baby taking its first gasp.
Forget Sepia. Forget Valencia. Who I am is genuine and authentic. That’s what the world should notice; Alyx; diligent, striving, loving, artistic, bold, compassionate.
I was willing to cut off my tail for you.   I remember the days, when I swam alone
Blown away by the sails, Navy sent my man to other lands with his brothers in arms.
Coming to a mirror image, Dull is my thinking that age; From the site of my being, To my impure seems.  
I am not meant to be seen without my filter She is the secret I hide under my bed. I meet her from time to time
Cold and wet and hungry and this blanket isn't doing anying.
Nothing exactly special
I’m a walking, talking paradox
#Instagram #LOL #Live without the makeup. without the drama.  without the hate.  I don't have an Instagram.  #nofilter #truebeauty #showwhoyoureallyare We love you for you. 
Large nose, large thighs, the filter of plastic surgery may be the only cover-up.
No filter I'm erratic Two cars Too fast careening down the mountainside .racing to see who will hit rock bottom first. You cannot dial down the saturation on destruction,
She shut the door in my face
Notes. Not like the ones made of trees.   Floats. across the air, through the keys.   Jazz Pianists' fingers tell no lies, traveling through the White and Black Sky.
  Esto es mi rostro, body creaking, my wrist twisting, twisting, twisting, twisting... corporeal   Sera este mi rostro? is it the face in reflection shown, reversed, turned over,
What is my purpose in this world? To take up space, to be a filler in an empty place. The idea of existence has always been confusing, Am I here to succeed? Or will I end up losing?
The letter
Ask 90% of the people that know me who I am, and they’ll tell you- She’s a writer, She’s a scholar, She’s a daughter, a sister, An animal lover,  
It’s hard to think positively
twenty four and desperateto surviveliving off leftoversfrom the generousold catholic mandown the streetand scraps foundon half eaten platesleft for me to [clean]in the dishroom, I make
When I was little, I was told by society that I could be anything and everything I wanted to be as long as I worked for it That I could be anything and can be a part of the American Dream But what exactly is the American Dream?
If you happen to fit size-negative jeans steer clear of me. The amount of pizza I can inhale will sicken you Don't watch me sink my teeth into crispy then pillowy dough, cheese and grease oozing out,
She's unique and delicate as a flower, Not so much like a Gerbera, but more like an Orchid. Her dark almond eyes penetrate your soul in just a glance,
I am optimistic and creative I wonder what is beyond the universe I hear voices I see opportunities I am optimistic and creative   I pretend to pretend I feel inventive
I am me, The only version there is to see. Filters included, false perception,
calm in a tempest     blown unbroken Centered Strong         Balanced unmoving   Unassuming plain     cold - blank canvas vivid - hot eddy of Passion   Currents flow over
Who am I when nobody can see? Behind closed doors and darkness, I am truly me. Guarantee.   I am the one with the big heart. You know…? The one that always ends torn apart.
We only haveone life,this life,no other life.The past isbehind us.The futurelies ahead.So do what you want,and not what you hate.No one can tell you
In a dream of yesterday I see I am not he I was born to be. Diluted and changed, I'm now someone Who's merely a speck beneath the sun.   Altered by those who promised me good,
I am a proud, deceitful imp A wicked dragon who lurks in the shadows A fiery demon chasing after the innocent A shameful smudge on crystalline papers   My skin shines green with envy
Who am I? I am a chick who likes superheroes and comic books.
  We live in a world full of people,
                                                                               #NoFilter I'd like to think of myself as an artist whose canvas is
You can tell I'm not faking when I've begun to climb a nearby tree When it's not covered in ants I'm myself when I'm working, helping others or just being plain selfish When I'm drinking my morning tea
when people ask me who I am,   i always give tHem the correct answer. the filtered Answer: ~i am ambiTious "i work hard to bE a leader"   ~i am honesT "no lies from tHis gal."
They say that I'm an old soul that I'm wise beyond my years.
RAW Who knew you could lie to yourself by posting a picture? Who knew you could be denying yourself, Just to appeal to Misters Misters that don’t make a difference. Trying to find someone who’ll
My family used to have a fish tankfilled with cute little fishiesthat were more of a hindrance than a convenience:clean the tank clean the tank clean the tankmy parents chanted, a laborious prayer
Webster’s’ Illustrated Dictionary. Published 1954. 470,000 words. Page 98. In between the word caitiff, a coward, and cajole, to persuade with flattery,
Hello beautiful child, flower child. Whenever you look at the world you make it smile. The way you walk, the way you talk, it honestly just inspires. You would never know you're some peoples desires.
They say I have big eyes So I can see truth through your lies They say I have big lips So I can speak my mind
Refresh, scroll, refresh, scroll; I know by doing this it will take it’s toll. Covet, envy, you become a green monster. We want to post a picture too, be another flaunter.  
My inner me was once my enemy to fight back I created a new identity
A million selfies, now a million and oneI've sent to the eyes of the man who held the gun.The gun of the happiness I asked him ownOn account of the interest and affection he'd shown.
We often fear that of which we do not know or what we do not understand. We hate what we see and what we cannot. We become angry and fixated on the flaws of the universe and ourself.
A few hundred likes really mean nothing A perfect face and a beautiful smile, Hidden behind a wall of insecurity, Under the waves of social validation. The shreiking self doubt drowns out true beauty;
Shall I compare me to a wretched night? The tinder of my mind’s bone dead and dry, And the lightning’s wrath doth set the for’st alight. Tis’ a wonder that one would not die!
I rub my eyes, Eyeliner, Mascara, Streaks my face.   Makeup remover, Wipe, By wipe, It disappears.   I continue, Foundation, Concealer,
I am numb. Just barely awake, but awake enough to go through the motions.Desperately in search for someone to see past color and see the real beauty within. I am anger,
Doe-eyed lids scrape away the beads of my dreams, opening me up to the kind of morning that mumbles.   The me I know is the dawn of myself, what is left when I unfasten from my
I've always been called beautiful Not expected to be smart But to be conceited I value my appearance
Loving, caring, an open book Trustng of others without a second look It's crazy how I can see the best in others But it took me so long to see the best in me Who I was used to depend on how others felt
Heart pounding; stomach churning; homework I’ve had a week to do open in another tab I text my friends and watch YouTube videos and listen to myself Tell myself I’ll do what has to get done soon I mean—
The most authentic version of myself? Well. For my parents, I am Hannah Elizabeth. Beautiful, strong, resilient— On the outside. For my teachers, I am #133193 29 ACT, 1950 SAT, 4.3 GPA—
History repeats itself it's why we're here again. Black versus white but this time it's times ten. We need to be aware  that this gon' get us nowhere. No! It's not him, her, or them; 
I am not fake. I will not hide behind a filter.   My words are real, sometimes cunning, never fake.   Everyone is beautiful in their own way.   Why hide that beauty?
I’m Sorry By Haley Matlock   I’m sorry.             I’m sorry I wasn’t there.             I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough.             I’m sorry I let you down. I’m sorry.
I am dull
Under her Maybelline brand eyeliner
An escape from reality A world that I can explore at any time or place
I'm the wall in your backyard, paint falling off and all. I am a jammed stapler. I'm clumsy and lose balance like a seesaw.  I am a wet phone in a bowl of rice.  
I am a creature, one they call human One that was born to live in a society where filters identify me Every selfie Everay smile Every scar Filters identify me
Oh Hello. Hi. Uhm.. How do you do? I'd like to introduce myself to you. What you see is average.
Personality quizzes usually comes with two answers.
It’s the same exact spot Where it happened. Walking past it everyday I cannot help but imagine Another way it could have gone. The crashing is silenced.   I arrive at my house and it is silent.
The cracks in your trunk chunk together a sort of pattern,
The first thing a young woman learns,Is to criticize.We are taught to see only our imperfections.We are taught to look into the mirror and self destruct.We focus on our faults.Of course we taunt others..
People say that my laugh is the thing that they love mo
  Just another black boy
What I say
 “Look at her belly,” hisses a girl to her friend, staring me up and down. They gawk, unable to process this.
To the World Im just another Black Male,  Everyone assumes I am going to fail,  Troubled, violent, ghetto, stupid,   In reality I'm undisputed,  just another stereotype is how they see me,
When I step away from the filters theres an image so bright
Pictures are the enemy of the timid
Sometimes it feels like it’s not enough to be just me
  I am a recovering pessimist, Se​asoned with jadedness, Topped off with some obnoxious realism.   My first language is sarcasm I am well versed in profanity I am a maker of things
Vintage, Vignette, All of these aesthetic filters. But nothing is nearly as attractive As the original.   For it's a tough job to do, To mask the truth.
These days We seem to rely on instagram and apps They "fix" our features
Take away the B.B. cream Wooden eye brush and chemical buttered lipstick And manufactured eyelashes, You have the foundation of a natural beauty.
I open my eyes and look towards my feet. There are weights on a wall seeming to stare at me.
I will always be a child I tend to run into people from walking too long in my daydreams I chase the bird that doesn’t want to be caught I love the boy who always seems too far away, or too busy to talk
You ask who I am, No filter? Just a girl , interrupted, Off kilter.   I am sweatpants and no makeup, Eating ice cream after breakups, I am a world traveler in my mind,
Who am I? Do YOU know?
Looking in the mirror I see many things those that vary from style to emotion and such in between Front view camera #Flip
Everybody sees me--                                     At least, they think they do... Everybody loves me--                                     but not they way I'd like them to...
they say the eyes are the window to the soul,   maybe that explains why hers are so cold.   she stumbles through he world each and every day   hoping to soon find her way.
Knowledge grows,But so does temptation.Sometimes, that’s what ruinsOur younger generations.  
Who I am with no filter, just a girl full of dog hair, no makeup, ever.
They say no filter 
What may feel empty to the world, Cause I got no color to define,
Smears, smudges hide my face In the dusty reflections of the mirror  With shaking hands I can place  The nose, the hair, the eyes But in a glimpse they're chased  From my tentative tries
Ladies tell'em that I look so good tonight,
Who am I, without a filter?
I see you
The beauty of the sky, a lake of blue to own a piece of this glory beyond. God's creation gathered round He knows who, on the eve of the beginning he dawned. A forest of majestic green wonder
There comes a noise I hear. I wonder if it's here. It screeches and yowls and it only comes at night. Night is cruel unlike a brave knight. Someimes I feel like the noise is an eye.
you opened a path so that
Behind closed doors... That can mean so many things Who are you? When no one is looking When no expectations are placed on you? Authenticity is such a hard thing To find in a world like ours
Imperfect. What two words do you see? "I'm" and "Perfect." What does that mean? I am Perfect. What do I know? I AM Perfect. Do you know what I'm not? A model. An actress.
No one has seen the real side of me. Remove my "rise, valencia, sierra, or inkwell" filter and you shall see
A crystal clear glass of water, pure and refined
A passion, a reason for life, Its what i strive for, What I'm scared I'll never find.   I've tried it all; Art - wasn't expressive enough, Sports - needed to be more tough,
flawless skin perfect hair trendy clothes confident additude perfect smile take away the filters and what do you see acne covered skin damaged hair dirty clothes broken smile
Would you want the power to fly or be invisible? I would love to fly all over the world and see the different kinds of people, Why wouldn't you want to be invisible? Because I'm already invisible by just being unequal,
Click, snap, image captured Edit, draw, redirected Delete, delete Photo recaptured Upload now, photo posted This is me #nomakeup Eyes of slivers, wrinkles, dried tears This is I #nofilter
I was never supposed to be anything. If you had charted the stars at my birth, You’d have an absence because I was                   Born in the after- Noon. You wouldn’t see anything in the
Hair the color of a wooden chair. Eyes the color of blueberry pies. Mind a little less than refined. Words like a misspelled clade of birds. Me polluted and free
I am from color From different medias I am from different shades and tints Thick, thin, smooth and shiny textures Of different hues Lots of shapes and sizes Of what others could use
I have always had Big Blue Eyes. There are other parts of me that aren’t so grand, but my eyes are wonderful. Within them, I can see Not just blue, But green and gray
Who do you talk to when there is no one to talk to? I guess you talk to yourself, but then you're crazy... right?
My name is Richie, but I’m not rich. Learning is where I get my niche. Some say that I am very smart, But, that’s because I work hard.   A doctor someday I want to be,
All you see is a mask But can you really say  That what you see is who I really am? You see what I want to show There's a lot you don't know  about the girl you have class with everyday
Perfect? No. Extraordinary?
Acne , Dark spots , Hair real hectic I'm still beuatiful without the filter i accept it I may be a little rough around the edges seeking havoc causing damage menace to society
#NoFilter Poem     MONSTER                Who am I? Without a filter Is something That most don’t like Asshole, insane, crazy Names that I’ve been called
His hair is messy and curly Some would say that it is girly But to that he'd reply With a glint in his eye That really they're just being surly   Eyes that see only through spectacles
Slumber disguises your blemishesCrema smooths your skinAmaro makes you look olderRise makes you look thinLudwig brightens your features
You can only frame me in a moment,A picutre that leads lies to the future.The time for false perfection came and went,A smiling skull without stable sutures.
The makeup. The smiles. The friends. I'll let you see. The parties. The crowd. Through the lens that's what you see.
how do you desceice to someone something they have never felt? the tortures existens that god hath delt me each day i promise myself that i will make it threw the day one step at a time.
Fancy pictures with all those colors, brightness, borders, and edits on myslef without the real me in it. with all that gone and out the picture, whats left of it is me. my genuine slef no other then me
I am the cup of ramen noodles I keepforgetting to take out of themicrowave. I am the orange juice that spills on a fourteen hourinternational flight. I am the mint plant on the windowsill that only thrives
I am vulnerable I am flawed I am human I put on a mask Try to be what the world wants me to be It isn't me I am vulnerable I am flawed I am human I am a perfectionist
Eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, blush Hair just the right amount of messy and cute Tilt head but don't break necks Smile big but not too big, click, click  
In my own skin I am me Its hard to accept, hard to see Day in and day out I'm told differently That everyone should accept the beauty I must be My skin holds a story That can not be explained
Everyone has a filter, Something that covers up the real problem, Something to hide behind. It's a constant battle, But sometimes when your adrenaline is pumping, That filter falters.
I have freckled cheeks and chapped lips. I have never known what to do with my hair, and I'm sure I sweat my makeup off before lunch everyday. I am not pretty. Because pretty is a flower, 
"Raise your hand if you agree with this statement." I never did raise my hand because no one else did. My teacher always got mad and went on a tangent, I really wish I could of made that bid.  
You can stare into a glossy surface, water stained but, you can see what you strive to see  a reflective pool rippled with a flash  the corners of my lips lift  with yours. An eerie imitation 
  This is to the camera, that sees me as nothing but Delicate bones and pearly whites My essence captured through awkward captions and My worth measured by likes and heart bytes
A sigh of relief and contentment is released as I leave
Do you see what I see? Without filters Without makeup My hair is natural and ever changing with the seasons Eyes as brown as coffee Reflecting my mother’s Down to earth and genuine
Quiet as a fly Loud as a roaring tiger I am me Bailey
Who am I I ask as I gaze into the clear blue sky What makes me unique My personality, I think I am a little bit of everything All rolled into someone who cannot sing I feel the music in my body though
I think we are all flawless because Flaws are intangible thoughts Who defines these edges on a person?
On the inside hallucinations are created, a sense of clarity while the others stay sedated. Graphite hits paper, scribbles take form, even the beauty he’s known has to grow horns.
With small eyes I blink
There's this lassie she's so classy. Face like a clown society thinks she's worthy of a crown, but take it off without the make-up she is lost. Now a lady she's so pretty. May be a nerd
There ain't no holding me back Understand this is who I am So when you plan to attack Just know that I don't give a damn I can't stand deception; Altering the realness'.
Before I could walk I learned to talk But I didn’t learn to speak my own words I learned to care what others heard And what they thought I was   I learned to rhyme and tell time and sit and behave
Song of Innocence   They give me smiles, so I smile They give me love, so I love They tell me I’m beautiful, and so I am beautiful
I don’t know who I am.     Behind the scenes,   a chameleon in costume. Dresses of armor and eyeliner sharp like a knife,                                            
the serpent says I should
I once made a choiceWhen a choice made meConsider the soulWhich I would solely beI could've gone rightTo just fitting inLeft all that was leftOf me, quitting again
who am i? i am
  Here I stand again
Whether it’s walking down the hall or strutting on stage
Naturally Jade 
Authentic [adjective] described as being real 
Lost, Wandering in darkness secluded, disconnected there's always one point in your life where nothing makes sense. You are not here Mentally or physically. Like a dream but not vivid
Who am I without a filter? Before I adjust the contrast, saturation, shadows, and sharpness of my image. Before I change the filter to Mayfair or Valenica. Before I get my make up and hair just right.
Its not something I practice,
It has been broken, Shattered,
My entire life, I was told I need
My head is up and my heart is beating
I am exposed.  Here I am in my most pure form,  No filter. No edits. 
When it comes to authenticity I've got it all When I succeed I rise, never fall.  
I was always taught to be the leader of the group To be the one that everyone looks too From day one that was my job until I die To be the apple of everyone’s eye But underneath I am so much more
       I've been told what to do   I've been told what to do to be a better person Or was it to be a better applicant I've been told what to do to be more respectful Or was it to be more obedient
Teens today are dependent on a lot of different things Cellphones, make up, video games. Selfies, illegal activites. But, without all these advances, what exactly are we? Without our phones, we feel powerless
I, I am different without the filters, I sound different and look different when using filters. When I don't use filters, I sound and look nerdier than usual, I hate filters,
I don't need all those flashing lights to make me look nice. I have a natural beauty that comes from the sun light. A filter does no justice, to a person who is born gorgeous. Any camera aimed at me is a Kodak momement.
Say this Do that Look like her
You want to know who I am without a filter? I am the original masterpiece without a filter I am the way God made me without a filter I am who I am supposed to be without a filter
A wall, rising tall made of thick stones Guarded by hundreds of soldier Inside stands a king broad, strong, confident  he is impenetreble  Take down that wall Take away the soldiers
I only see myself once, maybe twice, a day. How can that be? You think, With a world of mirrors, cameras, and reflections, Everyone is everywhere. You're right, but I mean my real self.
  A filter is an unattractive face covered with a mask Spraying perfume at the trash Covering a bad hair with a hat  
This is who I am A line of just five A sister of three A daughter of one A friend of many This is who I am A student for life A love for music A life for writing
They wonder why they cry
I wake up With crazy hair and foul morning breathe Flawless I post up Unfiltered selfies to show the real me Flawless Ride round in it Until my mom need her car back for work Flawless
In the aftermath of a blaze, only the ashes are left-- Remnants of a thick haze scattered and bereft
In an attempt to introspect I write this verse with my heart Very somber, filled with regrets But with clarity beyond any extrinsic breath
Me with no filter, Is me trying to do and be my best. Me with no filter, Is me trying not to be like the rest. Me with no filter, Is me not being hindered by being black. Me with no filter,
Loud mouth, Too many words being spoken
The eyes of my mother were a color that  enveloped me in her warmth. The brown rings surrounded me on days when I needed them the most, And drowned out any inhibitions
I am a child of the sun, kissed to a golden caress of honey skin, shining bright on the outside from the light within I am the bird that flies without limitation through the endless sky, filled with the light blue hue of my aspirations
Here let me tell you about life out of disguise, About who we are, free of misconception and lies. Some people, they have got it all so, so wrong, Having countless filters on pictures and saying "selfie game strong".
A Selfie Cannot Reflect 
Being human means we all have something to hide.  
Is your God benevolent?YesYour church donatesMuch money toImpoverished nationsBecause God says it's rightNoHundreds of children, younger than fourDie in impoverished nations
kicking up whitegold dust as the soon-gone-storm passes,                 forcing scaled lizards from their rocks and waking thumb-sized owls within the spines, I found myself undeniably arid.  
Im like a toddler in the driver's seat I thought the freeway looked promising it didnt seem difficult from what I seen too much time alone in the other seat knowledge is nothing without experience
I’ve shoved myself relentlessly in to the Valencia, Ludwig, Sierra, and Hefe. I’ve broken my body to fit the mold.
Flawed your a beautiful creature With thorns of purple petals that tend to flow to mellows of sweet shallow melodies and you tend to have the sweetest n
Hide the imperfections of your skin Don't let them see the flaws But are they flaws if they cannot be changed? The uniqueness of you, they are the cause   Too many freckles, too small of a girl
I am more than the self-focused, filtered picture on social media sites that supposably represent me. I am more than the makeup I buy, or the things I do to so heinously change my appearance for others to approve of me.
Personas vacillate 'tween what is good,
Can there really be someone better than me? No, there can't because  I'm the only one, you see Ain't very many people with my personality Not my name, not my talents or my family
A lot of people know me as @haleythebirdie singing "All That Jazz" Or lockedinabirdcage Analyzing why paper beats rock And for those followers, I am on stage on the web when I talk Or 15byerha
I'm going to bring up Gender equality Being a "feminist" And what that means. Let's talk about stereotypes And why they exist Why we continue to accept The explanations they give As if:
You know it's hard to feel flawless when you've been where I've been, and seen what I've seen, and done what I've done.
Unattractive, more like a beast Bright and blinding light
you began to undress me and as each button of my blouse becomes undone a sliver of some imperfection slips past my possessions that once possessed me settle in a pool around my ankles
Instagram is a trend most of us do Hash tag filter Hash tag life Hash tag me A filter out picture is what people see I’m more than a filtered out picture though In all honesty I know the real me
We all knowthere's always room for improvement.But filters and makeup?Those are more like cover ups!
She wants to feel pretty and break the mold but society tells her to do what's told She wants to be happy everyday but everyone says there's a price to pay She wants to go back to her younger days
One tear Is all I will let fall Because if I let more come Running down my cheeks It will be like a river That floods Until it reaches my heart The place where you are
Get lost.  Just because we live in a world that is 2/3 extrovert does not mean I wish to join your ranks. I'm done with feeling less than because I would rather sit quietly and listen
Position one
The trees are tall and powerful. Green moss is growing bright. Mountain views will take your breath away, You can see them dark or light. Dont be suprised if you find me here,
Every picture I take, I take with a sense of accomplishment. It's not the beauty of the picture or the perfection of it,  Its the understanding that I see behind a picture of myself.
You know, I used to want to be a princess, or a ballerina. I had a little tutu and I loved pink and I went to class every Tuesday and Thursday.
I wish when I smiled, I meant it, I want my laugh to sound carefree like it did before, I need to be the center of the picture; so that I know I wont be the one on the outside. I miss the way I used to be, 
Behind the makeup, hair, and jewlrey,                                                                                                 stands a girl with a little fury.                                                                               
I was born flawless Why you may ask Because I'm me And God made I'm a woman I'm a sister I'm a daughter I' m a best friend My imperfections make me flawless
Under the smile,under the mascara,the lipstick,it's just me.
They say I have too much hope. They say I'm a dreamer. But when I look out my window, on a starry night, I can only see each snowflake fall one by one.   On a starlit night
I’m always complimented on my perfectly golden skin. My bronze hue holds the Flawless’ secret in an imperfect world
Forgotten words stray from your tongue,  slipping away like the air in your lungs. Temptations you had, you no longer desire, left with only an ember sparked from a fire.
If you've
Strange thing, authenticity. It sort of squirms, morphs, blacks out When you stare, But sure enough when you forget it It's there.   Ah, I'm a warrior-princess! (I hope.)
I am beauty. I may not look like it I may feel like it
#Don'tFilterMe Because I'm #Beautiful With all my imperfections Large pores Uneven skintone And acne scars No I'm not 5'10, size 2 Because I'm #Funsize Petite but hey
From the day you followed me On this screen that glows in one's imagination so delightfully,
Brown boy, brown boy come around Come hear the tale of the new kid in town. He ain't no peach this fine young thing I heard he aint even got a wedding ring What so cool about this new fellow
You know that picture of a girl Out in the cold
The Difference in my Style 
The stars have alignedGot you on my mindMy heart's cold and oh so lonelySo I swallow some sinFor the pain that I'm inA cigarette, a blade, a dietWhen we promised we'd stop
God's Perfect Imperfection I'm different. My body emanates with its own scent
It wasn't fair to me, To deal with all of your  Bottled-up, pent-up shit When you couldn't deal with it yourself   It wasn't fair to me, To always scare me by saying You'd be dead by morning 
With out a filter My eyes are a pair of c list stuntmen Imperfect but BoldMy nose is large But has potential that is quite undersold My lips are doors that are blocked by the ruins of broken pride
FREE: from conformity a blanket statement on a t.v., a color slab does not define me, My Spirit soars on natural wings...   "Lift not the painted veil", they say.
Skin covered, neck to ankles Boys will be boys, they say But why can't I be myself? I wear crop tops I wear skirts. Does that make me a slut? No Does that make me, me? Yes
The Champion Lightweight of the Worldthe broken boy on the bathroom floorfed up with his family’s fussindowns a dose of robitussinand crawls his way to lock the door.
I watched as the hand went limp. I heard the sirens cry out. I felt the rain water drip. As it spluttered about.  
Let’s take a swim In the Ocean of Me And from surface to bottom We’ll see My normal and strange My average and special My sides from all angles.   Look from above toward
There are as many holes in my soul As there are pores in my skin.  Some are just a surface scratch, But others branch deep within.  The emotion simply drains away, My soil no more than a sieve,
I am the one who named all the flowers
She brews her ownbecause she likes to seeSepia seeping upShe cannot sleep so sheNeeds coffee to keep her eyes –brown ringed around soft green– awake 
I will not hold a lie against my face, a pixellated mask, heavy on my conscience. The sound of youth constructing barriers of separation is thunderous and inescapable. Their tiny, rough hands
I feel most alive on the US-15 with my mother, my father, and my puppy.
In my filitered pictures... I am perfect I am errorless 
I am ME, And only I can see Through the filters, Into the center Of my self. I am ME. The best I can be, Without care Of how my hair May look in a picture,
I am a huge contradiction. Yet all of my things Work together to Create the huge, beautiful mess That is authentically me.   I am Sarcastic and kind Intelligent and impulsive
Beauty cannot be measured, Nor can it possibly be the only thing that matters, But perception is reality, And what the human mind believes instantly morphs into truth, I am a slave to its tyranny,
It was the first game of the season,
Who am I? Certainly not who you see with your eye,  not the person you see online,  you see the person I provide. The person who tries to act cool, and will act like a fool, for my peers at school.
building perfection inside my headan architectural masterpiecethat cannot ever be achievedwe don't have the technologyto unmake my make-believe tearing it down brings relief.
No filter is needed to see who this is A girl with such a bliss Someone who they miss But in history, they've shown of me what should be As now I uncover my destiny Now the filters may disappear
                                                        Without these filters I Am Human. The pain that I feel Emotional or physical Is real The laughter I have
They say that the sun loves the moon So much That he dies every day just to let her breathe.   They say that before you can love someone else, You have to love yourself.  
Perfect. Happy. Put-together. I get that a lot Alone. Messy. Confused. I feel that a lot.
I am utterly raw, entirely my own element In this world constantly trying to change me Composed of my thoughts and my ideas I consist of the instrumentals I lend an ear to During the countless hours I spend writing
I am a student: submissive to my classes. I am a worker: always trying to be the best. I am a suck-up: forever bending, and kissing asses. I feel like my life is nothing but an endless test.
I find myself insecure when I look at myself without any editing. I'll feel as if I am discrediting... I compare myself to other girls, I believe that I am not beautiful to the whole-wide world.
so this is what you get when you wash me down scrub me with scalding water until my skin is raw lather and rinse and repeat wash the layers of armor away we watch as they swirl down the drain
There are only one of me filters might change the surface  but filters dont change me I am a young man creating my own mark with a passion for new experiences  a history of mistakes, with more to come
Mirrior, mirrior on the wall who's the fakest of them all? With the title of fairest claimed My true identity has long been chained My voice no longer has meaning It counts for nothing 
Take away the smile. Take away the make up. Take away the thoughtful quote that you thinked up. Take away the likes. And the ego feeding compliments.
Sometimes I wish for a mental shield of armor to outfit my mind's body:
Me, Myself, and Myself This is everyone I trust I've been fooled and taken over My personal safety is a must   Me, Myself, and Myself These 3 are my bestfriends Im sure they won't ever  hurt me
Who am I? I am your average teen. My parents are divorced. My friend has committed suicide. I’m not the riches or coolest person in the world. I don’t have tons and tons of friends.
Isn’t it weird how your unconscious consciously decides Based upon what you unconsciously desire So what you want isn’t what you admire
As her fingers dance across the piano keys I can hear her life story Her loneliness from a lost love It switches to anger then abruptly changes To a jubilant tune
On a Sunday afternoon, after the hot shower and a snack and ice cold water I sit with a book on the couch or under the covers of my bed
i'm an 18 year old kid from a smallass towni'm up in the twin cities now tearin up that art school shit (nah)and fuckin up on the dailybut that's just me you gotta put up or shut up
A girl with her insanely curly hair. She is sitting right over there.
The tears burn as they run down my cheeks, And slide down to my shirt. Sleep has hidden itself for weeks While I ask, "when will He end this hurt?" I try so hard to smile When emotions say,
Procrastinator Extremely awkward Rebellious only in her thoughts Flawed Expert of all things unimportant in life Completely insane Truly unique and one of a kind
Sweatpants or blue jeans?
I take a deep breath, And the filters are turned off. My eyes are dark and tired My shouders - slumped in defeat My smile is now being worried away Between my imperfect teeth My hair comes down
They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if that view is fallacious?
They come in at night when all is still they scrape away and run and steal my happiness and pleasure They see it as their treasure. Down, down, down they go into the hole where time stops and no body knows
When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a different girl living in a Utopian world. The girl is different from me, way different from what I've seen.
You cannot see me. I am a faceless person behind a computer screen. All you know about me is what I am about to tell you. Without all the physical stuff, this is me. The authentic and me that I strive to be.
The darkness of her hair The lightness to her eyes The sweetness to her voice The kindess to her soul She never lets you down She always is there She will keep you safe
You tell me I'm stupid, I'll show you my grades. You tell me I'm too smart,
Before each deployment, we moved about quietly, so as not to upset you You desperately sending friend requests on Facebook, from a laptop, alone in the darkness of your room
Slowly scrolling through, those pictures don't even look like you. Tainted and changed, edited again... That isn't you in that photo, all of your changes are for show. Media allows for creativity 
Money, makeup, or mental ability, these are the criteria for how we are viewed by society.
Look at me.I mean it, look at me.Not at my face, look in my eyes.Look where my real beauty lies.I know you’ve been missing it for some time.Because on the outside,
I travel by train and I look out My window, my legs are too close to the grey-man beside me Headphones in, power chords, progressions I am progressing, and my knees Need a shave; they catch on the silk of his suit.
Why hide beauty, when it is all you can see? Shall you treat yourself to delights and one's rights
I do not have an hour-glass figure,
Strip me from my makeup and remove me from my vanity, 
We live in a world of freedom yet hate, Where all face the gate of the fear for imperfection. To choose and stay behind this gate, And let words and actions choose your fate,
My girl -  Translucent in the sun. Blue webs And purple strings that run. A wave of midnight crowns my head.   My girl -  Dark clouds around the eyes. Bony
 Wanting to belong. Wanting to fit in.
My name is A'Jayla All of Joy and Anger, I'm Young Filled with Longing and Amazement -
My name is Jada I am not your video slave I am a young girl   Boys raped me on tape Sadly the tape went viral   Now everyone knows   I chose to stand tall I was a victim it’s true
I hide who I am from most everyone today I was bullied and harassed back in the day It taught me to sit back quietly and assess Don't allow anyone in or else it causes stress
  The Infinite Ink He has no lead , no limits, he only knows write.
Filters do not make me, they don't choose my destiny, they don't tell me what I'm going to be. I'm still me at the end of the day, I'm still going to express what I need to say,
Once upon a time there was a princess who was locked in a tower longing to be rescued Except I’m too fucked up to be a princess And when princesses cry it looks pretty and delicate and When I do my eyes swell 
I'm in a constant state of madness with my disarrayed hair I stopped tampering with and my bubbly, bright voice that can't seem to stay quiet.   I enjoy the simple things-
My image is captured
As a woman I can act like a lady I can dress like a lady I can expand my vocabulary so that  I sound like a lady I can walk with the right amount of sway Like a lady With just enough tease
    When I remove that mask of insecurities You see a face of all my histories My lips part like the red sea
And every second now is as hard as two seconds then.  Knowing theres 86,400 seconds in a day, youve fought 172,800.
Sepia, black and white, Nashville, hefe, willo, Lo-fi, hi-fi, 1977   They all start to look the same After an hour or two. Oh wait this one looks good!
Maybe I plaster a smile on my face to please The same pretty smile you see dancing across my Instagram feed You can question what's lurking in my psyche But I am not fake  
Adults always speak We shouldn’t read fantasy Doesn’t prepare you For reality, one bit   Answer this for me How have I learned more About life’s purpose From people who don’t exist
Who am I behind the dye? When you take away the acne If you can look past the watery eyes I am the girl that tries until the end. The one that stays up late every night Trying to maintain a high GPA.
I used to be covered in filters They draped my body like exotic cloths I smiled when other people smiled Laughed at other peoples' jokes Lived other peoples' lives But I never lived my own
I , am original . Without the filters I think I am a pretty handsome person . Natural is what i am without technology . My own is what I am without technology .
Don't know who I am But I've been finding my way since six grade Small in stature , but stand like a statue. My eyes are innocent My power is fear But I strong ...
  I am haunted. 
In the mirror I always see a face, A face who I think is full of disgrace. I’d hide the flaws and impurity,
Lipstick and lip gloss. Eyeshadow, eye liner, and mascara. BB cream, foundation, powder, and blush. Did you ever think that you look beautiful without all that makeup?
A boy lost in fantasy, That is I. What is reality,but an inverted thought to a melancholy view. The universe is calling, for adventure and mayhem-so no more stalling. But that is not all,
It's like I've landed on another atmosphere, Giving out my own female energy with my beauty.  My natural brownskin, glowing,
I am a figure Someome people looks up to for an uplift i am some one you can count on when you have a down day and felling disfigured i am sheeka short for danskia archanetta bogle  I am goofy and crazy
bury the filters six feet deep strip the black & white & sepia just skin & bones & bird’s nest hair shielding sleepy eyes from the camera
Wake up Go brush my hair Go for a run Read a book relax No makeup on Solve a few puzzles Just for fun why should I  ever not
I still remember the day when I realized that the only person who can ever truly love you with all of his or her heart is yourself.
Nice, Loyal And One of a Kind Open Book
Crack the code of my spine And read between the lines From pages of the diary that’s written in my eyes   Invisible ink in my skin Marks the flesh that seals me in It ties and binds, ties and binds
When people are unreasonable and selfish I want to forgive. I want to be the best me that I can be. I wish to give the world the best version of me, and hope that it is enough. I want to... Give my best anyway.
I am flawless because I am strong I'll never quit when things go wrong with much experience with good and bad I  still won't quit when I am sad no matter what puts me down I shine like diamonds on a crown
I am T I am 16 years old I am an African-American female I just want to be myself I'm tired of hiding who I am I'm tired of hiding who I am in every aspect of who I am
Picture this, a camera that only highlights true beauty My camera snaps a photo of all my natural flaws That is true beauy that reflects No filter needed The all High Mighty didn't need a filter
i never been a stranger to the cold ,never been a stranger to the loneliness ,never been a stranger to the lies never been a stranger to the dark and husky nights .It's gotten to the point where i would perfer it to be night just to enjoy the bri
i never been a stranger to the cold ,never been a stranger to the loneliness ,never been a stranger to the lies never been a stranger to the dark and husky nights .It's gotten to the point where i would perfer it to be night just to enjoy the bri
What do you expect? All of me is what you get I never learned how to cover it up So what's with all this fuss I've fought too hard for this authenticity For your idea of simplicity I am me
Man meets woman with a sword in hand Like shooting stars caused by fate they clashed Falling into territory they didn't know where to land Original plans were shaken and not trashed  
Remarkable ​Sensational
My words f
food sits dispassionate and untouched content with rejection white trash bags split at the bottom, wheezing for air no angel of death stole the breaths of a baby brother that floundered unnoticed in the periphery
What do I see when I look in the mirror? I used to not know, but now I see clearer. Some people think all they need are viewers, But come to find out, I need much, much fewer.  
My life's a Friday nightBut it feels like a Sunday morningLike wasted potential and wasted timeAnd wasted youth and wasted rhymeAll waste, all the timeAnd there are days and weeks when you're so blue
Without fliter i am just an average girl. A girl with imprefect skin and facial features The fliter protects me from the public opinon. the  mean comments will not get to me if i have my escape.
Filters are just masks for the true essence of an image. Some may say that filters help to enhance the quality of an image or photo; to make it better but how can changing the actuality of an image possibly make better.
A silly pun, A random expression, A wacky dance, Just for a second of a happy glance. On my mom and bro, My best friend, A nameless store clerk I don't even know.
"Come along!" Said the Man.Though to where,
In a world obsessed with appearance, with the image of perfection. How am I supposed to compare, gain confidence, and make a connection? A world where I can't look in the mirror without disgust,
Walking down the street, life moves slowly As I run into people and fall onto the rough concrete. Bitter voices and yelling catch my attention, But the powerful wind propels me into dangerous roads.  
I am confident without filters, And strong without contrast. Unique without overlays, And clever without stickers. I do not need a filter. Hudson may make me blue,
Without filters or make-up, I am like a flower that grows with natural beauty. I am my own mirror that reflects my true skin, I`m a beauty that is priceless. I`m ordinary pretty.
Without a filter Without the camera Through the eyes of me I am a plaque of black.   Without a filter Without the camera Through the eyes of others I am an organic Hispanic.  
I haven't witten anything in a very long time Over the years I wondered why My pain and happiness were always on a page Written in ink, now there text messages that ruin my day.
Right now, I am breathing uneasily and imperfectly, similar to how I carry myself. My breath and my own piece of mind. These are the things that follow me around.
"You're white, you're a girl, your life is easy." On the outside looking in, I suppose: I am white, I am a girl. I come from a white family Born into happiness and health. Raised with respect and manners.
If you were to compare a selfie of me from four years ago to one today,
She stares back at me with her brown squinty eyes,  her lopsided brows raised in apprehension. She raises her palm and her delicate finger taps the surface. "I know," she says. My eyes glaze over.
You are your own worst enemy You act like your in ecstasy But you’re not What I’m trying to say Is you’ve come so far You carry many scars You made them on your own though
Physically, I'm distressed, but I impress by dressing my best. Emotionally, I'm a wreck, gotta stay in check to earn respect. Mentally, I'm cascaded by the replays of the days that have faded.
Premature. Fight on. Mom died. Fight, fight on. Cancer consumes sister. Fight on, Fight on. Solace through my music.  Play on. Fight on. Play. Sister emerges victorious.
People appear as though everything about them is black and white,
In the beginning I was always scared. Never able to say what  I thought or felt. It was nothing less than torture. Forever crippled by the fear of being unnaccepted. Always tiptoeing trough life like perpetually crossing a lake of thin ice.
I'm just a girl,
Every day is a gift,  all the days just flow so swift try to live positive & for others try to uplift... <3 You are here for a reason bigger than you I know some time you wonder what am I here to do? Is it some thing huge &  grand, here...
Depression. One simple, little word. Or so many believe.   For others, it is not a word. It is a way of life.   A way of struggle. Bringing oneself to their feet.
I spend many years waiting for that person to treat me like a princess.  I did not commit in the past because I knew deep down in my heart neither person was truly ready for the commitment of my heart.
26 March 2014   Though my words have been scattered and my lips been tainted, take her heart and lift it. Take her mind and relieve it. Take away her pain, not her life.
Feet that are super huge, put me a step ahead of the competitionLegs that are long, lavish and lead me to the futureAnd a head so large, brain that will lead me to be a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthiest
Baby girls
Where do I start? Why does depression happen? What reason do people have to be depressed? They see figures in the distance,  and try to reach out. It takes hold of their hand, 
I'm either all in  or all out.  A lot of people are wondering, is there a God? Yes, there is. I've seen him do miracles in my life and in those around me.  I'm here to say, actually strive to show, 
Who am I? How do I describe? Will I tell you the truth? Or what I wish was the truth? I'll tell you what i do know I am changing I am becoming
I am who I am no excuses. My outer cannot my inner make. Take away my sprinkles Colorful and cute in design I am still a cupcake Sweet and rich and divine and wholesome to my core
Birth of new born killers high end thrillers sparse chances, taken with unease  beans and peas, mark disease and players can't see me 'cause I was never on a team in the first dream, I ever had
There goes my throat As it begins to close Tightening Strangling A noose that won’t Stop hanging   Shaking fingers and Sweaty palms I can’t go on Because my legs feel
*Read the poem down first, then read it from bottom up. These two readings represent the filtered self -views of people in society vs. the individualistic view I have of myself, completely filter free*
Let Me Be By Raquel Gonzalez   There’s a world around me
I feel unnoticed The girl who stares at her feet while she walks the halls The one trying to get through another day just like you I know all of your names but do you know mine? why would you need to anyway?
I smile in hope they will stop staring. I smile in hope that they will see the beauty I see when I look in the mirror. I smile in hope to make someone's day.
I am Breeanna
I am a winter rose.   I follow rules but I am my own leader.   I am stationary but crave movement.   I am a dreamer and I often dream with my eyes open.  
A voice that leaves only a soft whisper in the clearing a piece of sand drowning below the waves
In the Mirror is a gratifying reflection, a young girl seeking for attention. An outsider wanting to be thin, desperatly wanting to fit in. someone that's been in a frown, constantly being let down.
Let's face it, reality is pretty boring, several hours of brain torturing; grades, test, and jobs only create worrying; what is all this that we spend our time juggling?
It  has become increasingly simple To build a mask for ourselves, To pick and choose the best parts of our lives And put them on display As if our souls were on sale. We sell our bodies to the screens
#labelme #figureme #guess Who am I? Title me Give me your dish Tell me who I am Tell me who you see Covered book Hidden book Story full of pix #white #female
Hidden behind a mask that doesn't hide only alters.   But if it's not true,
I sit in silence  I hold my breath I hold on tight But there's nothing left
Hashtag “no filter” Hashtag “no edit” Dear valencia and sierra I owe you the credit   Blurry pictures Red eyes And blemishes galore Dislike, mean comment, take it down Good Lord!
Perfection is a malady, it only serves to maim The wrinkled edges of my insanity, only myself and the world to blame. 'What a shame' was my worst fear, Lurking behind the swallowed tears
The filtered me and the real me Are two different sides and personalities.
I am a confused girl with a sorry soul a confused girl with no plans to hold  a confused girl with a body to mold  a confused girl who is ready to go    I lost those men I lost their sin
Filters gone, now you see my true beauty, its not on the outside, but within. Within I am clean, I am whole, I am not artificial.  Without filters, I am me.
A beating from inside holding us temperate Tangible yet ethereal these bonds bestowed are, Gossamers only and still casting shadows
“A Compilation” This was the title I gave to that small, black composition notebook, Waiting to be filled and yearning for the art that would flow from My hand to the pen to the page
I am a prodigal son Though my chromosomes read double X's Despite what my sex is, I am still prodigal Not in the sense of wasting dollar bills on gambling teams Or quarters on slot machines
I'm not that perfect valencia skin beauty I'm that beauty that can be a pizza face I'm not that small forehead lucky individual I'm that five forehead cutie Is it okay? Is it okay?
Through the lens, you see is a smiling girl. On the screen, she stares back at you with glistening green eyes. Everything about her screams "happy!" Everything you read makes you smile,
Why does everything have to be based off a tragedy. Is it not advantageous enough to just have a beneficial life anymore.
Sometimes I don't think I'm getting to you anymore, usually when I can see the words going in one ear and out the other and back down to the floor where they probably belonged to begin with.
Fat        Ugly
Pale, blemished, perfect? Freckled, scarred, flawless? My skin is stained with excess ink from all the times I created my idea of art. My nails are broken and chipped from years of playing guitar.
Yellow oozes with every step the air of confidence seeps through holes in a glowstick leaving a plastic shell and a mess   she walks through the halls  empty leaving the trail 
No filter on this outgoing personality.  I want to make friends with everyone and have tons of fun.  No filter on my past.
It's kind of weird being adopted. You become a part of someone's family. These people could just as easily been strangers passing by. And you are stuck in a world surrounded by people that look nothing like you
Authetic? What is that? This idea of being truly me... Often pretending to be like someone else, And being judged by what they see.   Why  make rules and standards? Why set the bar so high?
It’s like I have two minds Not a double sided sword But two minds From negative to positive High to low Right from left   It’s a strange distinction I cannot explain
Fresh out the shower Kinky curls so soft and bouncy Flowing everywhere as it dries Creating a giant afro of curls   I look in the mirror and lather on lotion I get dressed and grab my phone
I'm not like them video girls with the big butts, I don't have gold flowing from my palms like King tut.
We use filter to cover up our blemishes, Both physical and mental. Who wants to see a girl without make up on, Bearing her acne scars and enlarged pores? Who wants to read an emotional caption,
I am...bottled emotions with a gentleman touch.
Contradictions are all around us Pretty Ugly. Mad Happy. Well than let me be the walking contradiction of perfection. My thigh's don't touch. No Photoshop needed.
One alone cannot lead. One alone cannot love. One alone cannot learn. One alone cannot learn. One alone cannot laugh. One alone cannot live the life intended.
Round face, pointy eyes, dark brown hair, no disguise. A quarter Chinese isn't too much, but I think it is enough to count.   Of course, that probably doesn't mean too much to you people,
Get your own big chair. I think it has been long overdue.  You should just grow some beard hair, and buy some new fucking shoes.   Those words will never be spoken now, we're head over heels in shame,
"What are you thinking? No Filters" He says, As we lay naked together,
I ask questions Too many questions I ask every question But I am given no answers "Why should my work Be worth less than a man's?" And I am greeted with silence
I try to control myself But the temptations are hard My thoughts are to strong My mind is long gone   I try to control myself But not when everyones there My eyes see all wrong 
What if the filter did not excist? Would the world be the same? Would we be the same?  All around us everywear we look we see people not as they realy are. Has this war of conforming went to far. 
Staring in the mirror as I wipe away the day.Cold, alone, and vulnerable.Looking at the real me as the mask fades away.Scared, beaten, and longing.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say.
Perfection will never be reached, Something we may never even comprehend, A picture is worth a billion words, an incredible speech,
I bet you base your judgement of me off my profile pic The way my camera set up I can alter the negatives and replace with positives You see what I allow you to see What I see before I edit is tiny pimples mocking me
Everyday i wake up walking down long hallways its a place in my head i fly to escape maybe I'm an activist but i cant add this  list of reasons why i cant breathe  my future haunt me my past torture me 
My words without filters sound revolutionary, sometimes subtle, candid, and at times mindless They are like an orchestra piece, with an accompaniment of laughs and smiles
Theres one place on earth I'd rather be where peoples dreams come true. A place of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy, for your family, your friends, and you.   When you enter the park and go down main street
Ask me who I am in the raw, I'll tell you. I wake up like everyone else. I get dressed, brush my teeth. Most people assume that is me. 5'2", brown hair, brown eyes.
#NoFilter#TheRealMe Without a #filter, I feel brighter than a sunrise I sing louder than a lone wolf I dream bigger than the Pacific Ocean I am a real human being
You look around a see a girl. You don't know who she is or where she came from. Seems odd. But it's just me. You've seen me I'm sure. I live like this. Really?
Hey I do not do this often but your beautiful and was hard to pass up, The dimples in her cheeks filled like waves of emotion
Self-respect, Self-esteem, A body,
Can I describe to you, This feeling I feel, When people are there But you aren’t And they laugh and you laugh, But you aren’t laughing   When your chest isn’t there And your legs feel…
There's a perfect image I've always had of myself, one not even a filter could create One that's so perfect just me being me  Letting the world seeing me in my natural state It's always seemed to get me further.
I am beautiful Something I'll never change The way I look in the mirror How my eyes catch everyone's attention How I can make everyone laugh When I don't even wanna smile I know all the right words
I am flawless. I am not the flawless found in Vogue magazine. 
Your mind is deteriorating right in front of my eyes But the flesh still clings to your cheekbones
Curly Hair laughing eyes Big, bright smile laughter wrinkles, slanting towards well traveled eyes painful and dear memories treasured in the heart
i  am fooled by people,  society it tells me i can do great things without a  warning that what you see on T.V  is not reality but fantasy   I AM ..... C.S
Why do we strive for "perfect"?Adding filter upon filter to photos in hopes to achieve the highest amount of "likes" possible.Why do we try so hard for these intangible praises for our appearance?
Purely dependable on a luminescent screen, whose naked now. With out the cloth, remove the skin, that is the changeless truth. The skin underneath our skin.
Which filter? That is the question I ask myself for every photo Knowing that everytime I alter my appearance for others My self-esteem gets lower 
Selfies, the bane of my existance. It's just a picture, It can't really show who I am The kind, caring, smart, funny, loving girl hiden by a face that cameras never seem to get right ever. But, yet.
5’3 196 lbs. Born 9-22-97 30 inches of golden blonde hair Roughly 38D 3.69 G.P.A. 45 in her graduating class Predicted score of 1850 on the SAT Studies 3.64 hours a night
Glasses Sharp nose Dark, patterened clothes Sparkling baby blue eyes Bright smile with a crooked jaw Big loving heart with an old amourous soul Behind the filter, behind the hashtag
We worry about being accomplished, in this infinity, when the first step's unyielding.
Outspoken by the world, a young girl lives Trapped inside a shell with locked lips Filled with trepidation of the outside world She only lives online in her video clips
I am not the popular girl. I am not the cheerleader with pom poms. I am not the burnout.
I am an untouched, uncensored, unedited, easily replaceable, unfiltered blueprint of what every young woman she not be.  When I walk the ground screams at the abuse of my heavy feet trembling in the thought of my next step.  My Words jumble toget
Just a stem on the street In a city called Murder Mount A city full of doubts doubts of the stem to grow
I always said…   The only way people could really see through me is if I was shot 50 times in the chest Through those bullet holes you could see police lights and my mom screaming she’s dead
They said it could never happen, so when you told me to give you my hands I gave them to you. I even smiled. Now I am tied up and I'll probably die. They say better to have loved and lost,
a moment in time
Everyday I walk through the halls of red and white, watching unfamiliar faces of high school students pass by like a rock skipping across the water.
What am I underneath it all? I am afraid, of new, of alone, of failure.
We're held back and stopped by the reds but go forth when we're beckoned by the green.What have we become? Where caution tape decides where we can and cannot
When I close my eyes
You know its funny: life Im 17 and dont know anythig about it one time i  wanted to end it wih a knife but now i love it wth out a dobt Im learning all of my flaws the beautiful ones 
Underneath the filters Underneath the makeup I am not who I appear to be The girl people see   I am not always smiling My hair not always perfect
I am passionate. I have dreams beyond any imagination, A child among a sea of wannabe adults. I am insecure. I take more than 30 minutes in the bathroom, Just to give myself no more than a 6 out of 10.
I've had to say it a few times in my #life that I don't want you to go through my cell phone. It is not because I have anything to hide, No #DeepDarkSecrets hiding there, not even "suggestive content,
Without all the extr
1. For the first few years of my life, I was bald.
With all the filters in our lives it can be hard to tell what's real and what isn't. From Instagram to Facebook to Snapchat to Tinder we hide our real selves behind layers of filters or layers of 
Snapshots of a life well-spent Moments of Greatness frozen into eternal silence Laughter, scowls, and faux-pensive looks On half hidden faces Topped off with the stolen words from
I'm raw and what you see is what you get I don't follow this confomrity of appearance I don't follow the trend of prettiness I'm about being me and only me I was cretaed to be me, so why be someone else?
I'm raw and what you see is what you get I don't follow this confomrity of appearance I don't follow the trend of prettiness I'm about being me and only me I was cretaed to be me, so why be someone else?
Not of this world but in this globe. I hold fast to the word I hold, I hold.   When will they see? I give them peace from their rags and emotions from the pain they've seen  
I have a hole in my head. It's not that big - (not that large really) Like the skin and bone disappeared And a gap was left in its stead.   Oh, but I don't mind it Fig -
Born in Nebraska, raised in Omaha, just a small town girl with wild dreams
I can see you But all you see is yourself This one sided mirror has a power  Power is something that can be given Something that you have given Something that I have given To you  
No filter, no screen, no facade to dream behind who I am within the safety of the web isn't who I am naturally  I am less reserved and careless in person, I'll be honest to a fault and more me
A perfect photograph for you to memorize.
Roots Tethered in the soil of my heart- So deeply woven that I am paralyzed.   How did they get here? How did this start? My father's compromise.   He left.
Rubi Ramirez
Eyes can only see the physical world around us, Is the physical world the only thing that  matters? In a world where people are judged by their appearance, Rather than how they've acted or what they've done,
There I was Here I am Now I’m there Now I’m gone How can I tell who I am? Each day a new me is born. So sorry, There is no answer to who I really am Just one to who I’m not
Behind the filter Lies a face It is a face of madness Of love Of caring The face belongs to a person
  My name is Sara Marie.
Who am I? behind the screens of phones, tablets, computers,  of all the digital tools out there in the palm of your hands Majority of them smiling Capturing moments of happiness
If my hair looks different, I probably washed it today. I find flossing to be inhumane. I sleep in a nest of dirty laundry, and it's the most comfortable thing ever. #SweaterWeather means I am #NotShaving.
Girls think that taking selfies is the way to go, that adding filters just makes your appearance better. That might satisfy girls externally, but what about internally?
The Funny girl The “makes-everyone-laugh” girl The “always-has-a-joke” girl The Creative girl The “always-writing” girl The “I-have-an-idea” girl The Social girl
The world describes using filters and wearing makeup as a way to hide our true selves from the world
Light, Camera, Action The day begins. I do not wear makeup on my face Maybe some on what i show  There is a mask    My words have meaning; no one reads them. Me. 
I'm not perfect, I know that. But perfection is boring, It's what makes us complacent. There are no filters in life, Life isn't a picture to share with friends to judge.  
Peel back the stress, Dust off the sorrow. I am the girl That I will be tomorrow. Excrete irrational worries, Casually disgaurd all fears of defeat. I am the girl That everyone wants to meet.
You think you know me all too well But in reality
Remember when girls went through that "selfie" phase? It was like for every picture of their face that they posted The hashtag was "no filter" Followed by a billion heart emojis and smiley faces
Blonde curls veiling a freckled face,
One day they might be a turbulent seaWisps of passionate blouse and foamy greensSwirling, raging, trying to capture meTumultuous waters only I’ve seen
Sixteen store bought birthday cakes. Fifteen words to that couldn't be more wrong. Fourteen years of three hour study breaks. Thirteen friends singing mainstream radio songs.
It is hard to unwrap beauty To hope for others to see past the lies A blank stare of your nudity Or a porcelain face in disguise   Underneath the flters Where I would rather hide
We are skin  We sweat, we breathe We sing, we dance  We laugh, we love  But we are skin  Painted Exposed Vibrant  And soft  We are judged  Not by the likeness of heart 
He stands, alone But, bright without notice Future driven, he Now found by him Together, showered with love Still, waiting I am
Unfilter yourself Instagram isn't a modeling agency
life is not perfect, now isn't this true and believe it or not neither am I or you but perfection is not everyones dream friendship and love will mend a tear in beautys seam
Although our faces may stand behind a electronic shield, Hidden from reality, We can still detect the truth if we were to peel, Peel the colors from your pictures and disocver the unreality 
Two eyes look into the mirror They look at what they can change  What can be enhanced They look for symmetry in this three dimensional world Change. Its telling us to change
I feel a longing to share who I am, For the world to know my secrets. I want them to see my deepest sinews, To know my so-called Demons.   Inside of me is a longing for thrills,
Its there It always has been It has been there for years It has infected many It lives there Do you see it Do you hear it It's in me It speaks my name It hunts for the weakness
Curl your hair, paint your nails, get your make up just right Plan the perfect outfit, match it with the perfect shoes Take a selfie make it great. Look what society has done to you. You don't need to be a model
She was found at the age of 16, 
You may think you u
What is wrong with a world
Get up in the morning Straighten your hair Put on lipstick You can’t shop there   Your “suggestions” are the foundation of insecurity My mind corrupted by the way you think of me
me with a filta is a strong independent young woman                                                                                 really i dont need you                                                              
Behind closed doors I am lyrics I can relate to And sad songs on repeat To block out the world I’m not sure I want to be a part of.   Behind closed doors I am scattered papers, pens, highlighters,
Why don't you wrestle? Why don't you fight? You choose to give in And run from the light.   How can't you see? How can't you know? With the fight you're not fighting, You won't be let go.
Insanity is Madness Madness is Deranged and Bedlam and Chaos and Mayhem fight uproariously for center stage. Yet in the insanity is my inner quiet and in this quiet I find there is still Hope.
I'm here to tell you a story about me A story about a boy from Mississippi Telling the story is as easy as 1, 2, 3 And it's quite interesting, just wait and see   As a little kid I wasn't big at all
I am human.
No Filter. More than just a recognizable hashtag on social media. Use this to prove a point?
My mind is a candle  Inside a whirlwind of thought I have bright insights But there clouded in darkness I try to be happy But can't see the light    I try to keep my candle lit
Nevermore. Indestructible. Incredible. Nevermore. Volnerable. Incapable. Indescribable. Nevermore. painful. saddened. unneeded. nevermore. Confused.
Hiding behind masks of polish and shine While, in reality, our faces are just fine
He makes me feel like I can really be a down B He put me on Now he got me running the Streets Got me thinking I'm the Baddest bitch on the scene Got me shaking my ass left, right 
   The water is tepid, the sea cool bliss;
This girl that stands before the mirror In a pretty dress and a smile Upon her face, who is she? The one who forces the tears back, and only shows the world a mask.
I am a contradiction. Happy, sad. Yes, no. Black and white. But everything mixes. One moment to the next blurs and I am lost.  But am I? I know the road well.
We all are born with no filterBloody, cold and scared,comforted by the maternal love,the one which loves with no conditions 
Vignette, grey-scale, sepia, vintage, always hiding behind the filter. Air-brush, inkwell, face bright, spot healing,  feeling pretty behind the filter. Social media filled with thousands of pictures,
i am me no flter can change that no lighting or angle could hide my flaws after all a picture is just a picure right? do you know everything about me by just looking at a picture of me?
They say there is no clearer photo than shooting in RAW No data lost, no gapping occurs How different would people see me in RAW? No make-up, no facades... just me
  Now starting back from when I was a young child, I endure
I don’t hide under a mask of makeupI don’t speak daggers to othersI don’t care for violence 
                Thick; damaged; brown hair that fails to cascade down my back and compliments the absence of some breast too small to be considered a rack.
#nofilter #nolables #noclouds #nochains #noobligations #nolies #open #naked #clean #idontneedapproval #nofilter
She polished my lens after she polished herself. 
I feel so alone.    Broken.    Constantly removed from all that's shown.    Solitary. Confined.    My words go unspoken.   
Being told I am not enough I get hurt because I care too much I turn to things that help me up. The art of makeup makes me forget who I was I got myself a new identity since I cannot go back to what I was. 
   I am who I am.
An Ode to you my acquaintance:we may not be friends, we may have fought.I see that your eyes are filled with patience,but how I am seen, I know not.For when I needed you, you weren't there;
Hazel eyes that hide so much.
I have forgotten who I am Swallowing the quilt and pain Laying in my bed, with blood pouring from my veins I cannot even cry
Without a filter I am pure Not trapped in a false photo Without a filter I am clean Free of all the distorted words Without a filter I am wholesome My words sound like they came from me
Mirror, mirror, On the wall, Tell me what you see.    When I look at You I don't like What's looking back at me.   I can't pretend  I like the way
Society, today, is filled with bullies and hate, and with many different social media sites to help cyber fiends. People making fun of how we look or about our weight.  Boys and girls with acne who have only dreamed
Without filters  I can fly While filtered, I was caged up like a dove ... In Noah's Ark Through the filter ... No one could see me waiting I was going crazy My anticipation always waiting 
What I'd expect to see in a better me That would be to be free Not just any kind of free, but the freedom to be me No makeup kind of selfies that will get one-hundred likes Messy hair and acne to show the world
I’m not a picture with filters,I’m not a movie with fillers.I’m more than a status update,And I have a more old-school state.
Hashtag no filter,I need make up--I’m a mother and I’m busy,I run around in circles getting dizzy,I ne’er once complainabout the fact that I’m in pain.
When I was young, the look of myself did not concern me, It was the look of the world around me that held my wandering eyes; It was the trees that swayed so gracefully in the wind
I'm not Valencia. I'm not Hudson nor X-Pro II. I'm more than a photo filter and my thoughts speak louder than the amount of likes I recieve. All my eight hundred followers couldn't tell me my goals and dreams.
I am the person who enjoys bright colors. I am the person who is silly. I am the person who talks to myself as if I had an imaginary friend. I am the person who thinks of the glass half full.
What you see before you is not what I see in the mirror. For the mirror knows the true person who always hides behind the mask. Tell me, is it true that the most common mask we put on every day is a smiling face?
IA product of stardustA will to liveFor which i eternally lustBehind Closed doorsFalse smilesMy heart poursWaterLike my heart flowsYet silent and swift
I am truly myself with myself. Nothing held back, nothing left out. Alone among a crowd.
I'm used to the feeling of knotted strings waking me up. I guess I move too much when I sleep. I guess they just get tangled. Nighttime is the only time I can move. That's when the puppet master is sleeping.
I am one of a kind,  a very calm girl, I do not drink, smoke or do drugs, I respect my mother's opinions,  i do the right things, not all the time but i try to one day i come home and im all alone ,
I am no person who is better than anyone.I am no person who has great riches.I am just me!I am a person who has feelings and wants to be lovedI am a person who wants to please.
Who am I really without make up or filter is a girl A young girl That has no idea what she wants to do with her life or future Who just wants to take a picture one day without make up or filters
I am young
“I can’t p
I found out that life alone is filtered. We have our press or our pictures  flashed on every source of media. It isn't until the sun is gone,  tears find your cheeks, &
I like to be myself Snap!   The world is young I am young   Explore   Purse the lips Just right How pretty Pout What a cutie   Smile
No makeup. No dye. Just freckles with red hair. Brown eyes with eyebrows to match. Left handed but in the right mind, yet right in most cases. Wiser than the age and more naive than a newborn.
I'm need a Filter for my life.I need to be fake.I need to show off all of my fake assets.But I will still use #nofilterI'm someone who lives behind others.Others are my filter and I can not change.
Im bored, I look over and I see my phone,
“My dreams are humid from sun and water and heavy from cornbread and clabber milk”
Yang and Yin They struggle, they win. I am darkness, I am light. I am peace, I am might. Don't get me wrong I love But I don't know what's above Who keeps watch over us,
My last pay check how will spend it?  I look at my last pay check I know I won't forget it.  Because it's my last check and thoughts of how to spend. 
A selfie is all me, I can add what or who I want but it's all me, it's selfish really but who in their own right  can't afford to be selfish at one point or another, it's all about me? A selfie is all about me,
Treasure Your Love 
“ You don’t need a filter.”
A sapling stands in the forest,
A storm rages inside me, but there's nowehere to hide. The memories provoke me, telling me to glide. There's nowhere to run, so I stand strong. I won't allow myself to do any wrong.
“ You don’t need a filter.”
I am a small town girl who loves to learn. This sounds very cheesy, but it is true. I am Vietnamese, but would love to give the language of Spanish a turn. I am in college... Go Houston Coogs!
Head highUnless it’s coldBack straightAssured strides   Blue hairLoud voiceSmiles sprinkledAll the way   Real lifeDepressionAnxietyJoint pain  
Masquerade covered in a mask             To fulfill the task of who they want to see             Not fulfilling who I want to be
Curling ashes. Flickering and flashes. Searing heat. Thick smoke. I can't breathe. It stings my eyes. The fire roars, stretching its jaws,  Its teeth clamp down on the walls.  This house
Didn't anybody tell you that Longchamp bag  supposedly made in "Paree" won't matter in ten years And didn't anybody tell you it's rude to make fun of him because he can't afford that
Without the makeup, without the filters, the walls I’ve built, and the mask I hide behind, there is a girl. Plain and simple.  Outspoken, stubborn, quirky and loud.
Blonde hair with thin strands that stray away from the bun they were pulled back into,
Your faces are altered Unreconizable from the truth I choose to live free From the filters used by youth And while I am no beauty by comparison I am real Unlike you  
Where's the photoshop for reality? I look in the mirror and I'd not rather see me
A detective to my own life. Who is this person?
Clear, reflecting and judging The glass yells thoughts to our mind Infactuated with perfection or doubt With the power of the mirror, its not hard to find Rugged skin, Smooth teeth The power never fails.
Love comes quickly And leaves silently. It bears no envy Or grudge of any kind. Love leads leaders, Gives peace to peacemakers, Provides hope for the hopeless. They say love is blind
Sitting here writing this, tears form in my eyes Accepted into an Ivy League, but yet my initial excitement fades as I read article... after article
See I have no filter, because I declare to be remembered,
i am a sinner i am a liar i am a person looking for something more i am a flight risk i am a self concious, nobody i am a kid stuck in a world where no one wants to be a kid i am an underachiever
We wear our personalities like filters trying them on for that new boy or the girl you just  have to be friends with one for home, one for school, one for work, one for family
Snapped through a phone camera with auto-flash on
“You look so pretty!”  Her f
from my face i will wipe clear the new layer of eyeliner i have applied i will wash clean the dark maroon that coats my lips
All my life I was told to cover Who I am How I speak, act, look I was told to cover my indviduality I was told to follow a set of rules Conform to the world's idea of me But I shine through
When we're pushed down, it is by one who has the same Bruises on their knees. When we're being made a fool,
i was a large, vast ocean i had so much life inside of me and i took that life and created more life my waves crashed all around eventually, i fell in love with the sun
Some people are works of art. Lines that crawl out from fingertips,
I am sorry. i am sorry for shredding you to pieces when you deserved to be cherished. i'm sorry for the six years of abuse i put you through and thought that you deserved. 
Reflecting back at me  My crooked nose and too-thin wrists
In a perfect world Nobody would hide Behind veils of emotion Or veils of nonemotion. In a perfect world Nobody would hide Behind petty filters In pictures. In a perfect world
          I have so much to do and so much to say And I know that if I was able to remove that one thing from my chest that one thing that keeps the light in
Behind these green eyes (Lies, lies, lies, lies) I mean. Behind these green eyes, Lies the secret to my asphyxiated kingdom.   I may not reveal the secret. Because Secrets are meant to break,
i believe in the magical qualities of snow,the healing powers of my mother’s cooking,the emotional aftershock of a good book,midnight rants about the world,
I am Love,
Insercurities seem to control us, drive us to do strange things. Plastic surgery, aneorxia, 
I feel you there, creeping oh so silently Into my dreams you enter to awaken me oh so violently In your wakes are my regrets and my vindications And on my skin your devil's  tongue has left its lacerations
Hostile   Everyone will agree     That is what I am.
Sometimes, my teeth seem slightly rotten with a honey residue considering, weekends I forget to brush, Or how my hair waves in this condescending way when I clinch my fist together.
Behind the cutain is a monsterous beast A feril bohemoth DYING to feast  
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