The Oak Tree


I have fallen

One of many, but

no other alike.


Count my wood rings

Tell my story, now

know my plight.


Meet my mommy

red hair and short

no other alike.


Meet my daddy

Strong and portly -

no other alike.


No friends at school

but my gameboy

no other alike.


Put in classes

too hard for them

too few chose right


The math-study games

every car ride

and every night


Get to grade six

friends over grades

discipline tight

I meet M-J

drugs over friends

my head feels light


six more years’ haze

future now dark

no wind no flight


stillness in dan

ethic all gone

glazed eyes see right

a fall from grace

whatever that [is]

creeping contrite


Alone again

fighting myself

winning this fight


Haze now clearing

brain still mending

from drugs, their might


Climbing mountains

foot holes falling

no fear of heights


Alas, I’ve done it!

Horizon far

the light so bright


I’ll plant myself in the fields of prosperity

Until my convictions have become the oak tree

I have won the war with winter’s cold night

and the better self has defeated “me,”

no other alike.

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