Who am I; What am I

Being told I am not enough

I get hurt because I care too much

I turn to things that help me up.

The art of makeup makes me forget who I was

I got myself a new identity since I cannot go back to what I was. 

An identity I thought may be accepted by others'

Life became normal. Life became happy. 

But when the makeup is washed; am I the girl I once was? The girl who got hurt by the same society that made her new identity happy? 

With society I am my new identity; with myself I am my old identity

WIth society I put on a show, a mask, a lie. With myself I put on my personality, opinion, and style 

The society identity of me is what keeps me surviving. The inner identify of me is what keeps me escaping.

But there can only be one.

I cannot be someone else or be myself.

Who am I; what am I anymore.







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