Once Upon a Time


Through the lens, you see is a smiling girl.

On the screen, she stares back at you with glistening green eyes.

Everything about her screams "happy!"

Everything you read makes you smile,

Just like she does in her profile picture.

It's not just her picture. Her whole profile screams "happy!"

But behind the screen, there is a story of that happy girl.

Because once upon a time,

That happiness was nothing more than a false filter on a scewed lens.

Once upon a time,

That girl felt her world end.

The joy she had once felt drained from her life.

Her bubbly self was abandoned

And nothing was left but a hollow husk of a person,

A person who pretended to smile

Who faked each laugh

Who grew tired with each passing day.

That girl on your screen secretly cried herself to sleep each night

And dreaded each morning.

Once upon a time, that smiling girl on your Facebook page


That life could go on without her.

She decided

That she was not strong enough to face her followers.

That girl went home from school one day

And stared at bottle after bottle of anti-depressants.

She had a plan.

Surely pills would be an easy way to go?

Surely no one would miss her.

Surely her death would bring her the peace she desired.

But that night, when the house grew still and it was time to follow through,

Something held her back.

The story went on.

Because this story, friends, is not a tradgedy.


Once upon a time,

A very tired,

Very sad,

Very broken girl

Managed to find courage.

She got help from parents, family, professionals.

And eventually, with time and her new-found strength,

That girl decided

That while life could go on with out her,

It didn't have to anymore.

That girl in the smiling pictures and

With the funny posts,

Her profile does scream "happy!"

But it's not a filter anymore.

Her life isn't perfect.

She still gets tired and sad,

But this girl with the bubbly, gleaming green eyes

Is  actually happy.

But more than that, she is strong.


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