how do you desceice to someone

something they have never felt?

the tortures existens that god hath delt me

each day i promise myself that i will make it threw the day

one step at a time.

but when night comes i am to afraid to sleep

not because of some monster here in this

no i am afraid of the monster in my mind

he doesent let me sleep, he causes my heart to race and my inner me to scream

so i dont sleep

i stay awake as long as i can

until exhasted i drag myself to bed

and  nothing but sweet blackness wraps itself around me

her arms so warm and sweet

until the harsh coldness of morning wakes me to start another day,

another day i have to take it step by step

holding my innards inside and keeping a smile on my face

until again night befalls





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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