An Ode to an Acquaintance

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 19:21 -- berman


An Ode to you my acquaintance:
we may not be friends, we may have fought.
I see that your eyes are filled with patience,
but how I am seen, I know not.
For when I needed you, you weren't there;
you left me high and dry.
But was it my fault? Did I not care
if I locked you up inside?
Tell me who's stronger, just tell me who!
You are the reason that I'm insecure.
But sometimes I wonder if I'm yours too
because only together we are a cure
for my jealousy, anger, every lie,
my kindness, my hope, my deepest fear.
You're the only one who knows how I cry,
you've helped me walk through every tear!
Now I'm yelling and screaming, it fogs up the glass.
Yelling doesn't make anything clearer.
Oh by God you're such an ass
My acquaintance in the mirror.


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