All About Me and Irony


I am a student: submissive to my classes.

I am a worker: always trying to be the best.

I am a suck-up: forever bending, and kissing asses.

I feel like my life is nothing but an endless test.

I am insubordinate, but only in spirit.

I am compassionate, with love burning strong.

I am who I am, but few care to hear it.

My peers make me feel like I'm always wrong.

I stop myself from speaking what's truly on my mind.

I cover my body, so no one will judge.

I listen for insults, as this generation is rarely kind.

I tell myself to be stubborn, and try not to budge.

But I only watch shows my parents approve of.

I work my hardest to earn what others freely take.

I sing for my God, who I'm told is above;

If I don't, I'm told my eternal life is at stake.

I cry in my room for people who are in pain.

I yell at others so that I won't seem weak.

I've made sure my record doesn't have any stains,

But still I cannot gain the independance I seek.

I laugh so that others will think they are funny.

I listen so I can recite things when needed.

I work so that I can earn my own money

I will graduate so others can say I've succeeded.

I make sure that everyone likes what I've showed.

I let people tell me who I should be,

Yet the one time I'm angered, and finally explode,

They all will say that it's "All about Me."

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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