True Filters Can NEVER Turn Off


when people ask me who I am,


i always give tHem the correct answer.

the filtered Answer:

~i am ambiTious

"i work hard to bE a leader"


~i am honesT

"no lies from tHis gal."

~i strivE for excellence


"i'm a Perfectionist."

~i am diligEnt

"In fact, i neveR procrastinate."

But the filtered anSwer is a lie.

sO, who am I really?

Now that's a tricky question...


Some would call me a diamond.

Others? a shining star.

well those answers are Complete bullshit.

If i am a diamond,

it is bEcause of all of the unwanted pressure

The pressure to be perfect

one daY, i might be shooting 


but it won't be because i'M a star

All i am

is a Disgrace

a disgracE to my true self.


i'M lost

Every mirror i look into mocks me


all I see is a stranger.

this straNger was created by the expectations of others

i Think that my true inner self was murdered,

killed years agO


how can I teLl you who I am,

when i have Only been taught to filter

all i haVe is my strict line, 

my cage of rulEs and regulations.


mAybe, i am just a filter


maYbe the filter has a few cracks in it

a lIttle hope for me,

And other programmed zombies like me.

so do me (aNd all of my fellow tin soldiers) a favor:

read All the capitals


and hopefully get a glimpse of the unfilter Me.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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