An Ardent Observer, an Avid Creator


In a dream of yesterday I see

I am not he I was born to be.

Diluted and changed, I'm now someone

Who's merely a speck beneath the sun.


Altered by those who promised me good,

I've only become more them than I should.

Trapped in this spiral that's pulling me down,

I'm hoping, praying that I am found.


In a dream of yesterday I see

A young, tanned boy: happy, carefree.

I hear his laugh and envision the day

When I can again say all is okay.


But could I ever really return?

No. This world I cannot unlearn.

There's no going back; I cannot leave.

The past is far gone, this I believe.


In a dream of yesterday I see

I'm a new person, not the old me.

That young, tanned boy was happy, it's true,

But so naive, he had not a clue.


Altered and changed, though I may be,

I'm better, improved, now I believe.

Oh! What a fool to feel so downtrodden!

I clearly outshine who I appeared to be then.


In a dream of yesterday I see

How I have become the present me.

I see myself taugh be those I had known.

How could I ever have felt so alone?


Supported by those who promised me good,

I see now how I misunderstood.

Their guidance was truly all wholesome.

No mal-intent, it was all only friendsome.


In a dream of yesterday I see

I was along the authentic me.

An ardent observer,

An avid creator.


Nothing can change the person I'll be.

For whoever I am, THAT is the unique me!

Here's a truth which none can deny:

I'm always me, and myself always I.

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