2OO Ibs of PURE.

Perfect? No. Extraordinary? Yes
This is two hundred seventy-two  pounds at its best.
Who's I be?,
I'se be that girl, with the tender nappy roots, with lavish dreams to magnify too.
I'se be that girl, who's from a land she's never walked through.
Share flesh with a human she's never talked to.
I'se be that girl, who doesn't mind listening to Taylor Swift or Lil Wayne.
I'se be that girl, that's encountered blessings and experience pain.
Self-hatred and plastic smiles, reflection of a use-to-be society kept child.
Because when I look into that mirror, And see that #NoFilter, I tell myself; a couple of "I love you's" wouldn't hurt , every once in awhile
Because when I look into that mirror , I take pride in that crooked smile.
Behind the Instagram likes and retweets, screenshots of unrealistic girly things, you'll still find me, where I wanna be, filter free.
Acknowledging my beauties , instead of stressing about a size eighteen.
Muster my high dense chubby cheeks, and create a smile ever so sweet.
Be me and not the 'me' society wants me to be.
When all in all, I'm just the girl who enjoys 90s T.V. , strive for expensive things, and takes pride in her decency.
I'se be that girl, who rather read Seventeen Magazine than The Great Gatsby, but don't get me wrong it's one of my favorite classics.
Feeding funds to fantastics
Losing the perspective of teen tactics, but in reality i'm just a diamond in the rough.

Now tell me, was the authentic me enough? 

This poem is about: 
Our world



*snaps furiously* 
I love the flow, the way it rhymes, and the way it speaks nothing but truths, I can relate and i just compltely fell in love with this poem. You did any amazing job with this!


Thank you, that really lifted my spirits. You're so beautiful for saying that. 

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