Filtering through life

Slowly scrolling through,

those pictures don't even look like you.

Tainted and changed,

edited again...

That isn't you in that photo,

all of your changes are for show.

Media allows for creativity 

but is that who you want to be?

Express yourself 

but not only when the lighting is right

Show who you are in the dark of night,

and the brightness of day.

Not through the contrasting tones

of filters on instagram.

Escape the filters set up for you,

shine on your own. 

Allow the pinkness of your cheeks,

to warm the image.

Let the brightness of the streaks in your hair

reflect the light.

The scars on your face 

are something to appreciate.

I don't need to be filtered

I am already filtering through life,

allowing the sunshine to change my tones,

and my clothing choices to contrast. 

My environment decides the brightness.

my steadiness or unsteadiness,

determines the blur. 

The only thing enhancing my picture,

is my smile.

There is no need to say no filter,

those who truly know me will know,

they will recognize me in my truest form.

I will look different in a couple months or years,

but there is no need to change my appearance,

in a matter of minutes.













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