Beauty don't need filter ..


I'm not like them video girls with the big butts, I don't have gold flowing from my palms like King tut. But I'm beau·ti·ful you see , and yes I had to break it down so everyone could read. I don't need no filter cause to me I'm as fine as could be. Somthing like Eve so why would I hide out behind "Inkwell" and "Hudson" when I have a face so true and clean. No women needs filter we're all beautiful so why we hiding ? Is it because society feels we need to look like Mariah or Queen B ? Or is it that we're self - concious about what we see ? Well I'm here to tell you every women I beautiful to me so when you take your next selfie keep it normal for me. So you see we don't need filter cause everyone is as beautiful as could be. Think about it a world without filter, How cool would that be ? ..


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