Who I'm Not

Sitting here writing this, tears form in my eyes

Accepted into an Ivy League, but yet my initial excitement fades as I read article... after article

Apparently I got in not based on the hours of sweat and tears I put into my school work

Apparently I got in not based on the three times I took the SAT to earn a great score

No. I'm in because I'm black.

I'm in based on the pity the admission officiers had on the poor black girl from Brooklyn 

Thus, taking the well deserved "spot" of her white counterpart right?

Wrong. I'm in because I worked endlessly throughout high school.

I'm in because of what I can bring to the campus.

I'm in because my university wants me there, not because they felt sorry for me.

So yes, I will confidently walk across that campus this September

Ignorant comment and glares as I walk the campus as one of the few African-Americans?

I expect them. 

I'm ready to face them

Ready to prove not only do I embrace where I come from,

But that I can succeed despite lacking experiences many on campus may have already had.

That's who I really am


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