Im like a toddler in the driver's seat

I thought the freeway looked promising

it didnt seem difficult from what I seen

too much time alone in the other seat

knowledge is nothing without experience

tell that to the judge, what an experiment

way too much is not enough when experienced

many will cut you wide open for experiments

rewind, I cant see over the wheel

kinda blind but nevermind,

as long as I can see the sky

that is all I had, thought I was alright

in my mind, do or die, again there's the sky

tried to run away from my mind

suicide was eminent, seems this is all I get

so done with all my gifts, about as stupid as it gets

ran away to be with kids, to do things I never did

always seen it before, wish I had more guidence

lost my mind in due time, 'bout the first time I died

felt so good in the line, I cut, oh why?

many feeding off of my mind, my time

my space was too, robbed from me blind

still love you, but cant trust none this time, no way

I dont even understand why this is how the game is played

horns on all heads, but my perspenctive is the same replicate

maybe next time I'll be grown up before I hop on the freeway.

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