The Animals Inside Me


Who am I when nobody can see?

Behind closed doors and darkness,

I am truly me.



I am the one with the big heart.

You know…?

The one that always ends torn apart.

Eventually I pick up the pieces and you will see

The happy-go-lucky,

Optimistic me.


Sometimes I want to pull my hair out,

To kick,

To pout,

To scream.

Sometimes I question the world,

How’s this the “American Dream”?


Sometimes I can’t stop laughing,

I laugh so hard, I cry.

Sometimes I can’t stop laughing,

I laugh until my tummy hurts inside.


I am the one with crazy curly hair,

The hair you cannot brush through.

It’s untamed and frizzy,

A haircut is long overdue.


I am a mother.

My job doesn't ever end.

Whether outside or behind closed doors,

This love is not pretend.


I am a packer fan,

Green and gold, cheese head status.

Champs since Super Bowl I,

No team will have our apparatus.


Everything I dreamed of becoming

Is what I am going to be.

My life is no fairytale,

But I have found camaraderie.


I am not perfect,

Nor do I aspire to be.

Take your two cents and keep it

Seeing as this is me.

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