Don't Hold Me Back


Forget Sepia.

Forget Valencia.

Who I am is genuine and authentic.

That’s what the world should notice;

Alyx; diligent, striving, loving, artistic, bold, compassionate.

Viewers of my life from all angles should be able to distinguish those characteristics;

Be inspired by them.

The central focus point should not be the filter.

“Is that Sepia? Maybe Valencia?”

The filter that is holding back my potential from being seen.

I am not Sepia.

I am not Valencia.

I am not who everyone expects me to be.

No temporal trappings of this world will hold back the grandness of my future from being acknowledged.

I am the driven woman God has called me to be –

An individual with a purpose that is mean to be seen.

Don’t hold me back,

Because I am me.

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