Perfection is a malady, it only serves to maim

The wrinkled edges of my insanity, only myself and the world to blame.

'What a shame' was my worst fear,

Lurking behind the swallowed tears

I kept bottled in my throat until they overflowed,

Nowhere but the surface of my pillow to go.

Pressure's on, like a balloon about to pop,

Nothing to do to make it stop.

Keeping my cool for the world around

You only hear glass when it's dropped to the ground


I overcame, I experienced, I defeated

By the reign of my demons, I was no longer impeded.

I rose above and issued my decree

To the clutches of immaculate me.

I am fallible as could be,

My voice is nails on slate

Singing to the radio in traffic on the interstate

That doesn't matter as of late.

My emotions are cars on a coaster

Jumping up and down like bread in the toaster.

My worries leave me through my feet,

Pounding the pothole-ridden street

Sharp, cold air stabbing my chest,

I scream until there's nothing left.

But I still truck on through sleepless nights,

Tired eyes and mental fights

Keep going, this is my life

I am wrong, but it keeps me right.


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