How The World Looks At Me


Perfection will never be reached,

Something we may never even comprehend,

A picture is worth a billion words, an incredible speech,

The likes we work ourselves to death for, likes we will never take to our death bed in the end,

But what is life? Life is not meant to be curtained behind an overbearing filter,

I swear technology has caused a world of kilter, a selfie is not what our nation's heroes have died for,

a simple freedom of expression, although a selfie causes a reign of depression, attempting to get the perfect angle however nobody is perfect nor are we angels, God or whoever is up there did not want us to be in constant competition with each other, a true woman of beauty does not use make up to cover up her face, attempting to erase any tracks of naturalness, oh what a faulty taste, she is gorgeous, as well as every other single human being, do not hide behind the mask of a technological strainer of beauty and naturalness, perfecting our lives with a cloudy judgment of lies, when our flaws are what makes us unique, allow your true beauty in a picture to speak, without thinking a filter or certain position is a necessity, just think to yourself  "This picture will display the best of me"

who am I without the constant posts of my life on Twitter or Instagram, I guess I'm just a simple young man, trying to make it in the insane land that we call home nowadays, using filters of bright colors and dark greys, when all you really need is to display the beauty of life every day through your own filters called your eyes,

Who Am I?

I am a young Latino from the bay area, where many people line up behind a hunk of technology to post pictures, a spreading disease yet contained like malaria,

My Life is beautiful without the filters, life seems so clearer without them,

Life should be made beautiful with family and friends, cause in the end, what do you have?

A filter, a position, a picture does not tell you I have no dad, that he passed, that i struggle with depression,

My pictures only display mini memoirs of happiness, they do not define me, nor should they define you,

My words are wondrous waves turning into terrific tsunamis, my pictures sound like rockets bursting off into space, being lost without a trace, without the need for filters, my pictures sound like the waves crashing on rocks on a still night, they sound like a tough fright of the future, they sound like a reading from Kama Sutra, but enough about what my pictures sound like with no filter, what do they look like,

they look like everyday life, real as it could get, i post the good times, the bad times, and it all goes together harmoniously like wind chimes,

Stop using the filters, stop trying to be perfect, because all your flaws make you simply imperfectly perfect, act as if you are allergic to the filter on social media, be yourself, as I am me, imperfectly beautiful with no filter,

My own legacy.


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