Reach Out A Hand

Why don't you wrestle?

Why don't you fight?

You choose to give in

And run from the light.


How can't you see?

How can't you know?

With the fight you're not fighting,

You won't be let go.


You won't be set free.

You won't be let loose.

For the fate you're running towards

Is a seasoned, fit noose.


The very lives we should've saved,

The very lives we should've loved,

The ones we disregarded with

Apathy we could've disposed of.


This fight won't stop.

This fight won't end.

The unloved will fall defeated,

And the truth will bend.


People will believe they're worthless.

People will think they're not needed.

Because of the courage we kept to ourselves,

Their last shred of hope will be conceded.


Permanent bitter death will fall down.

Permanent depression will descend.

Because we chose to ignore,

It will continue: this unforgiving trend.


Why don't we stop this?

Why don't we cry out?

Just let them know you love them

And demolish the doubt.


So, reach out for a hand.

So, reach out for a life.

Just by caring you could be stopping

A gunshot, an overdose or simply a knife.




This poem is awesome! :D Keep writing!

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