All of This Is Wrong

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 15:10 -- Joannrs


There comes a noise I hear.
I wonder if it's here.
It screeches and yowls and it only comes at night.
Night is cruel unlike a brave knight.
Someimes I feel like the noise is an eye.
Watching and watching, with noises it watches, for I.

It's coming for all that I have done, it's coming for me, myself, and I.
The noise is turning into voices, words, thoughts and only for me to hear.
It's asking an eye for an eye.
But I don't want to deal with these noises, I'm not ready to be in that place, I'm not ready to be here.
I need a way out! I'm not ready!
It's calling with no way out and I'm a damsel in distress with no knight.
This should wait until tomorrow, I beg, "I promise to go tomorrow night."

All goes quiet and they seem to be gone for the night.
The noises are gone and no more, watching and watching, for I.
For in my dreams I dream of a knight.
It comes to save me and before the saving there are noises again for me to hear.
They're watching again and asking me to go, right now, and right here.
I should just give into their words of "an eye for an eye."

I abide to their request; "I will pay for my doings, an eye for an eye."
They take me into more darkness and never ending night.
Tonight will be the night, for all that I've done, all splayed out for me here.
I feel the pain all over and the noises become louder, there is more watching for I.
It's becoming too much, it's too much for me to hear.
Again I wish for a knight.

There is no knight, I am the knight.
I'm paying in full, an eye for an eye.
It's not over yet and the noises continue to rise, it's all I hear.
I'm still in never ending night.
I thought I would be done once I agreed, that's what they wanted from I.
But no, I'm still in never ending night, and I'm still here.

"Can I leave here?!"
I think I need to be a knight for this to stop, I am a knight.
For I will see the light again, feel peace, and no more watchful noises for I.
I've paid my dues, given my eye for an eye.
There is a light at the very end of this endless night.
The noises are settling and there are no more to hear.

I'm here at the end and it's all so clear that I've paid an eye for an eye.
I'm surely a knight now for all that I went through, in the supposed never ending night.
Free at last I am, peace has come, and there are no more noises to hear.

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