No longer


Who am I?

Certainly not who you see with your eye, 

not the person you see online, 

you see the person I provide.

The person who tries to act cool,

and will act like a fool,

for my peers at school.

The one who is afraid to say things out-loud,

becuase I'm afraid of being rejected by the crowd.

Yet this does not make me proud.

because the person that you see, isnt me,

No longer am I going be who you want me to be,

I'm going be free.

No longer shall I do what's in, 

try and take selfies where I have perfect skin,

or make myself sick for I can be paper thin,

I'm going sit back and take your negative comments on the chin.

Becuase I know that when i lay down at night.

That now it'll be with a grin. 

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