Fatal Choices of my Past

Sun, 02/22/2015 - 21:50 -- Lynxe

"Come along!" Said the Man.
Though to where,
I did not know.
Nor did I know the Man who lead me onward.

Laughing at my imploring questions,
He stopped and bid me eat.
Obediently I devoured the small white things,
and we continued onward.
At once I knew the Man,
whose name I shall not speak.
How foolish had I been to forget my Partner!
Taking my hand,
we began to dance.

Our stage was nothing less than brimstone
that burned away my bones.
Our song was nothing more than a deafening ringing,
encompassing all my thoughts.
Laughing at my misfortune,
we continued our somber routine.
His cloak billowed around us until we were one,
Oblivious to the world around us.

Father Time held no sway over our realm.
Years, passed unnoticed;
we lived forever 
in an instant.

For a moment,
a quiet voice broke through our distorted reality.
pleading for me to return.
Simple Girl.
Did not you see the poison
that boils within my blood?
Disregarding these silent screams
we danced farther into our wasteland.

To the gates of my Partners' kingdom we moved.
Oh how grand and inviting they were!
A promised respite from a world
I had grown to loathe.
With the grace of a gentleman,
He welcomed me in.

With one foot through the threshold,
I discovered I could go no further.
The new life within my chest
drew me back.
My time had come
to return home once more.

Kissing my pale hand,
Death bid me farewell.
And I left my old friend.
To return through the burning hells
of my mind.

Awakening from my deadened slumber,
I find the distraught face of the one
who knew my fate.
Only such unconditional love
could have called me back
from my dance with Death.


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