The Star, The Tiger, The Quiet Storm


"I think I'll call you star" he said 

My star earrings jingled

As  a slight smile appears at the thought of being a star

A fiery balll of light 

Shining bright 

Watching over everyones dreams


Of course a stranger would call me a star 

I do not shine in the night or the day

Often times blowing my nose

With my little girl cornrows

Blending into backgrounds


"What are you a tiger" he said

Looking at my strech marks on my knees 

Again a smile appeared as I imagined being a tiger

Roaring loud 

Standing brave and proud

Clawing through the jungle


How could the introverted nerd girl be either of theses things?

Yet how could two strangers spark such a confidence inside of me?

Although back then I could not see it 

These two words represented me every single bit


I soon realized that I am a silent storm 

Deep inside is a powerful fire

Yes I am a walking spark

Who possesses the fierceness of the tiger

Slowly getting brighter

Who strolls throught the halls with ot notice


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