Who Are You?

Timid is new to me,

You bring your presence near and I tremble from nervousness.

I am strong and outspoken yet I blush when you come close.

Who are you?

Tell me where you are.

You are everywhere and I am not

At night when I close my eyes,

Once again you are at my side.

My fingers tremble with temptations,

Who are you?

I grab for your hands and bring you closer to me,

Why are you farther away now?

I cannot find you anymore, though...

Though I still want to know who you are.

When I open my eyes you aren’t around anymore.

I am a travesty.

I know I move forward,

Still I cannot take another step.

I force my eyes shut in order to see you,

But you are not there anymore.

Please tell me who you are.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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