Crime Needs to be Stopped!!


My name is Jada

I am not your video slave

I am a young girl


Boys raped me on tape

Sadly the tape went viral  

Now everyone knows


I chose to stand tall

I was a victim it’s true

I’m a survivor


Cybercrime is huge

It's not new but becoming worse

It’s often ignored


Cybercrime moves fast

It is worldwide in just seconds

Many go unsolved


These crimes really hurt

As they can show images

They did it to me


Nobody is safe

If there is a camera near

You better watch out


Words hurt just as bad

Cyber bullying is wrong

So just don’t do it


I will help others

I won’t let them hold me down

I will go on strong


Helping others now

Showing there is life after

Never let them win


Counseling others

Sharing my story helps all

We are the winners


Fighting back is shows strength

The victims then become heroes

Someday we might win


Until then we fight

Telling our story to all

To try to stop crime


Witnesses are key

Perhaps awareness will help

Make it safe to speak


Once a crime is done

If a witness will step up

The crime will be solved

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