behind the lens



who am i? what defines me?

is it the amount of likes i get?

the exposure of my breasts?

the filters i select?

does the camera do a good job of capturing my IQ?

does it accurately depict the struggles that i go through?

does the valencia filter help expose the exhaustion in my bones?

does it amplify the involuntary exclamation of my moans and groans?

does the cropping job precisely portray the aching in my feet?

at least i hope the adjusted brightness makes me seem complete!

i hope the angle of the camera helps capture my eighteen hour days,

the way the world, so heavy on my shoulders, weighs.

i hope it helps you see the roles i fill – student, worker, mother

every single day putting before mine, the needs of another

these roles that i fill, do they fit in your frame?

do they live up to your standards of internet fame?

do my hashtags help you hear my troubles, my prayers, my pleas?

do your likes assist me in being me?

let me let you in on a little secret… something that most don’t know

the only person that can be you best is yourself;

but only when give the REAL you and chance to show.

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This is really good. Thanks for sharing your view, this is definitely a powerful poem! Wish you the best:)


Thank you, I appreciate it! ☺ 

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