Unnoticed Wandering Mind


I feel unnoticed

The girl who stares at her feet while she walks the halls

The one trying to get through another day just like you

I know all of your names

but do you know mine?

why would you need to anyway?

earphones in

bell rings 

I hug my books and push through the crowd

sit down in my next class and

wait ...

wait ...

wait ...

This teacher is lecturing again

something about statistics of ... im not really sure what she said

my mind drifts

it wanders and flutters away.

boys, friends, cars, friday nights

all memories that should last a lifetime

soon I'll be graduating

soon enough I'll be in college

A new roommate

a whole new life

but for now im still stuck in high school

all of the drama is eating me alive

I try to escape

the more I try the further I get into it

no drama of my own 

and I dont want theirs either

I wonder who he is going to prom with

if only he knew how I felt.

Where should I go after school today?

going straight home is boring

I need at least a little bit of a life

I need friday night plans

I'll probably just watch Netflix again

I've been finding faults in friends lately 

I know its wrong but... 

I dont know it helps

I need something to help my own insecurities

does this make me a horrible person?

wait what time is it?

what did she say about the probabilities?

probability of what?

There better not be a test on this

bell rings

earphones in

I hug my books as I attempt to get through the sea of people

I look up from the ground

I begin to notice the people just like me.

Maybe they feel unnoticed too.

If only I could go back 

back to freshman year

I'd redo it all

I'd make more friends 

I'd do better in school

and I'd especially make sure everyone feels noticed

nobody wants to feel unnoticed. 







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