Lots of Pulp

There ain't no holding me back

Understand this is who I am

So when you plan to attack

Just know that I don't give a damn

I can't stand deception;

Altering the realness'.

If you think you have to hide

Then I really hope you feel this,

I am Xavier Lassiter

A name I've come to terms with very well as my initial goal in life

has always been to excel(XL).

Exceed expectations

Exclude the excess

Exercise excellence

I exist to express

Myself however I see fit to

Never try to walk a mile in shoes that don't fit you

I'm not saying I'm perfect,

I'm saying I keep it real

I don't bottle up emotions,

I'll tell you exactly how I feel.

I'm a hard worker,

But to laid back for you to notice

And like, without that first tap

Its always hard for me to focus,

Got more naps than a newborn

Unless I cut it off

Im So easily distracted by anything I come across.

But I showcase my flaws

I'll wear em as a medal

But Always strive to be better and for lesser I'll never settle

So when we chat, know I'll snap into the right mentality

So maybe like my cap you'll snapback into reality

But This aint martial law, I'm just here to assist you

And if you don't feel like I feel then I don't mean to diss you

But, I'm not looking for approval

I don't need nobody's "OK"

Cuz you get more for your money

When there's pulp in your OJ

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