Sat, 02/28/2015 - 17:20 -- brinna


United States
34° 38' 4.002" N, 82° 43' 26.1264" W

Sepia, black and white,

Nashville, hefe, willo,

Lo-fi, hi-fi,



They all start to look the same

After an hour or two.

Oh wait this one looks good!

Is this a new filter or some sort of trick?

For the effect reads “normal”

 But I can actually see who I am in this pic.


Take away the edit

We are back to square one.


Who knew my eyes were grey

Not a fake blue or green?

And look at all my little freckles

Before completely unseen.


And what’s that there in the background?

Without the filters we can see

The beach, a sailboat, relatives and friends

Things previously obscured by childish vanity.


My smile lines deeper

My lips a little chapped

I’m not wearing makeup

I don’t want to be trapped


By the standards girls hold

For themselves and for others.

I am my own being

I make my own druthers.  

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