what is it

I sit in silence 

I hold my breath

I hold on tight

But there's nothing left

I ask myself why 

And look inside me

There's nothing there

To explain this to me


There's a dark abis

Only hate and broken dreams

I reach for the light

Only for it to be taken from me

Am I just fooling myself 

Or is this a never ending dream


Why do I see such happy things

Just for them to mean nothing

Is there a demon lurking behind my back

Or is it me causing them to hate me

Why must I endure this pain

When everyone else is happy to no end


My hope is gone

My wills about to break

I'm trying to hold on 

But it seems like a mistake

I only want to be happy

But this has driven me insane

I only try to be happy

I only try to do right

But what is it holding me here

In this pit that's dark as night



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