was willing

to cut off my tail for you.


I remember the days,

when I swam alone

in my father’s coral palace.


If I could go backwards,

I would not take the chance

it would be too much to bear.


Everything changed so fast,

I see your form in the sea foam

it flows away just like me.


You’ve been celebrating your marriage,

with a voyage and fanfare

they come running through the streets.


You did not recognize me,

my face, after mistaking it for her’s

I want to go back


To my sisters under the sea, my family.

The task was too great, looming like the wave that brought you to my eyes.

And then suddenly weightless.


Father, you were right, I was not prepared-

For the world of humans

and the sky above the sea.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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