Who knew you could lie to yourself by posting a picture?

Who knew you could be denying yourself,

Just to appeal to Misters

Misters that don’t make a difference.

Trying to find someone who’ll

Spread their legs, chase, plead and beg to Misters.

 I beg to differ, but I guess that’s all they see when I add a filter.


Who knew you could betray yourself by posting a picture?

Who knew you could become afraid of yourself by posting a picture?

When I see a different person from the picture to the mirror.

I ask myself "Did I really stoop that low that I fear my own image?"


I destroyed a beautiful soul.

One so pure and innocent, I ain’t even

Notice that I felt so alone.

So alone I didn’t know how to deal with my flaws outside of home.


Who knew without a filter?

I had a beautiful face, unique features

A big smile with deep creases, a round face hazel eyes and connect the dots, rosy red cheeks.

But that’s me behind the filter.

Perfectly Imperfectly without a filter.

Naturally different not refined or defined cause of a filter.

Im RAW without a filter.




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